‘Pregnant!’ (TV)



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This is a ‘Brittas Empire’ episode where Gordon Brittas gets to show how stupid he can be. I mean it, Brittas completely follows by records where it says most of the leisure centre staff women and Tim are claimed to be pregnant. How come Mr. Brittas couldn’t see anything wrong about those figures?

In the episode, Gavin is about to go for his last test to be promoted to assistant manager at the leisure centre. But his hopes are dashed temporarily when the centre’s medical tests introduced to fight drugs cause hysteria. Brittas believes most of the women who work at his centre are pregnant.

This includes Suzie, whom he wrestles with on his office couch 😀 ; Carole (again!) who thinks she may have been pregnant from Colin of all people; Linda, who’s very happy by the news even though she’s dating her 65-year old headmaster boyfriend Edward; and Tim, who Gordon thinks is a woman.

You see how ridiculous this gets! 😀 Actually there is some confusion on who provided the results for the lab tests. Helen might have swapped Suzie’s records somehow, causing Suzie to be suspected of being pregnant by Brittas. But it turns out that Julie was responsible for providing those test results.

Julie seems to be happier and friendlier to Brittas when she’s working for him as his secretary. She’s usually nasty to Brittas when working for him. It transpires that Julie’s been dating someone, though the relationship has often been rocky at times. It’s later revealed Julie is the one who is pregnant. 😀

I like the scenes between Carole and Colin where they discuss potential marriage. It would suit them well for better or for worse. Carole tells Colin that he doesn’t have to marry her as it’d be forcing him into something he doesn’t want. Colin tells Carole that he’s always admired her, which was sweet. 🙂

Whether Colin would be a good father though, that’s debatable. Colin’s remote-controlled baby swinger (that’s what I’m calling it) is very dodgy! That moment where he pulled out a baby doll and its head got stuck in the pipe made me laugh. Thankfully, Colin and Carole don’t get married after all.

I like how Gavin stands up to Brittas, punching him in the face to save Tim. This is when Brittas attempts to take off his trousers. It’s also interesting that Brittas rather approved of Gavin punching him in the face afterwards. Overall, ‘Pregnant!’ is another one of those entertaining ‘Brittas’ stories.

‘Pregnant!’ rating – 8/10

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