‘Reviewing the Situation’ (TV)


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This second Series 7 episode of ‘The Brittas Empire’ is very enjoyable. In the episode, Mr. Brittas orders all his staff to do a critical report on a colleague’s performance. I don’t think that’s how it works, Mr. Brittas. Usually when I’m at work, I have my ‘performance review’ with just my manager.

The cycle of colleagues reporting on other colleagues goes like this. Brittas will report on Colin; Colin on Gavin; Gavin on Julie; Julie on Carole; Carole on Linda; Linda on Tim and finally…Tim on Brittas. I found it funny Tim had a gleeful smile since he can say whatever he wants about Brittas in his report.

But it seems Tim may not be able to deliver his report on Brittas as intended. For you see, when Tim gives his birth certificate to Brittas in his office (for whatever reason I don’t know), it turns out he ‘unofficially’ changed his name from ‘Goebbels’ to ‘Whistler’. Yes! Tim’s surname is really Goebbels!

This was interesting to discover and it turns out that he’s fatherless. Tim stresses to Brittas that it’s okay for him to be called ‘Whistler’ rather than ‘Goebbels’. But Brittas, being the pedantic that he is, considers Tim to be non-existent. Therefore Brittas ignores Tim whenever he is in the leisure centre.

Brittas can be annoying at times, even when he announces to Linda that there’s no swimming pool attendant at the swimming pool when Tim’s clearly there. Thankfully, Tim is able to reapply for his job when he goes to see Brittas in his office and he says he’s ‘Tim Goebbels’. Well, that is a relief! 😀

Julie meanwhile gets to enjoy having armed police protection from Andy Smart as P.C. Greg Edwards. It was funny when Edwards kept smashing a door in and shouted “Assume positions!” before he checked everyone was weapon-less. Julie even has to go with him when he needs the loo.

This is happening because Julie was a witness against a mobster in a kind of…crime scene, I don’t know, it’s not properly explained. Julie also keeps getting threatening letters from an anonymous person who turns out to be her former boyfriend. Julie clearly does not want to get back with him. 😐

Helen meanwhile has an obsession with bidding absurd prices for junks at auctions and she gives them to leisure centre staff, expecting them to be grateful. Carole is funny as she writes a ‘novel’ of a report on Linda. Colin’s funny when his report on Gavin goes missing and he gets shot in the head.

‘Reviewing the Situation’ rating – 8/10

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