‘Safety First’ (TV)



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In this ‘Brittas Empire’ episode, Mr. Brittas closes the leisure centre (again!) for three days. He puts the staff through some exasperating emergency situations which involve a fire drill. The routine for this is quite over-the-top, especially when there are cardboard cut-outs of fire placed in the building.

I find it funny that Gordon keeps telling Colin that he’s dead and puts ‘death’ stickers onto him. Colin tries to wiggle out of being dead, including a situation where he uses a sledgehammer. Brittas gets annoyed about this. Oh come on, Brittas! Let Colin live again! Clearly Colin wants to take part in this!

Carole meanwhile wants to bet £100 on a horse Tim is backing on a track. This I believe is for a trip to Australia to work on a friend’s sheep farm. But Gordon talks Carole out of betting, suggesting she put her handbag with cash in his office. Why couldn’t Carole have told Brittas why she wants to bet?

Helen also wants to spend a lunch hour with her husband Gordon in his office. She’s trying to get off her medication and wants to be calm during the lunch hour before she goes to her son’s school review meeting. But Gordon keeps getting delayed with meeting her and Helen’s fuming about it all.

Earlier, Gavin dropped something off in Brittas’ office to find Helen preparing the lunch for her and her husband. Helen becomes physically intimate with Gavin in those scenes where they talk to each other in Brittas’ office. I’m certain Gavin would be very surprised to see Helen touching his bare legs. 😀

It was also amusing that Helen and Gavin had cigarettes before Gordon Brittas walked in to find Gavin holding a cigarette whilst Helen hid a smouldering in Carole’s handbag. Brittas disapproves of Gavin’s smoking habits and even gets him to apologise to Helen here, to which she shoos him away.

Mind you, the writers behind this comedy series clearly knew how to write clever comedy where a disastrous situation would happen. Because of Helen hiding her cigarette in Carole’s handbag, once it gets taken to the lost property cupboard, the bag catches fire. Terrible consequences ensue in this.

This episode also features Jo Kendall as Councillor Dapping, who was in the series’ first episode ‘Laying the Foundations’. Brittas wants a larger fire-escape for the centre. Mrs Dapping is sceptical of this before the fire happen. Gordon also has a fish and soup from his wife when late for lunch. 😀

‘Safety First’ rating – 8/10

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