‘Set In Concrete’ (TV)



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Throughout the fourth episode of Series 2 of ‘Brittas’, Mr. Gordon Brittas has his feet stuck in concrete. No, really! He spends the entire episode being pushed around on a trolley with his feet set in concrete. How the writers managed to keep him with his feet set in concrete here, I’ve no idea. 😀

It happened when Mr. Brittas managed to annoy the Rotarians at a dinner. Laura and Colin notice it when they had a meeting in his office and he’s still in his dinner suit and bow tie. He manages to get out of it and put on his business manager suit on halfway in the story. How he did that, I don’t know.

Brittas also enlists the help of a private consultant – Philip Shelley as Graham Hanson. He asks him to investigate the constant aggravation occurring within the leisure centre. Mr. Brittas doesn’t realise that it’s down to him and he manages to annoy Graham who gets frustrated during his investigation.

I knew I recognised Philip Shelley from somewhere whilst I was watching this episode. He played Biffy in Series 2, Episode 3 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. It was confusing as I was checking Philip Shelley via IMDb and there are two of them registered. One is a script editor and one is an actor. The actor’s our one.

Carole has a crisis when there’s a mouse about the leisure centre. Her little son Ben is making friends with it. Carole gets upset about this when she tries to encourage Ben to spend some time with her. Ben shuts his cupboard door on her mum, making her cry. Oh yeah! Ben lives in a cupboard now! 😀

Laura also tries to get her point across to Brittas about not paying attention and listening to people when they get angry with him. It was intriguing to see Laura express her anger towards Brittas in this episode. Brittas doesn’t seem to get it at first and Laura tries out an experiment with him on his wife.

In doing so, Laura helps to sort out the fiasco with Gordon’s birthday present to Helen in the previous episode. Gordon bought Helen a moped for her birthday which Helen didn’t approve of. Gordon realises that Helen would prefer a car and agrees to let her have one. She is over the moon!

The episode concludes with Gordon trying out the advice Laura gave him with the stone mason played by Peter Schofield, which is a mistake. By the way, Julie seemed to enjoy using that pickaxe to try and break Brittas’ feet out of concrete. All in all, a very entertaining episode from Series 2 here! 🙂

‘Set In Concrete’ rating – 8/10

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