‘Shall We Dance?’ (TV)



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In this episode, Gordon Brittas is hoping to have an opportunity to take Laura to the official annual dance for his staff members at the leisure centre. This is while his wife Helen is away in Cornwall.  The theme of Gordon having feelings for Laura in the TV series is addressed again in this certain tale.

Brittas is also hoping for his staff to mix in with society. But he becomes gravely disappointed when many seem unable or unwilling to get a suitable partner. Colin’s date happens to be his milk delivery woman Pauline – who happens to be a man, played by Lloyd Harvey. Colin doesn’t even know that!

Carole hopes to be reunited with her first teenage boyfriend who is now wealthy. He happens to be Paul Mari as Ron Sudbury. Sadly, his hand gets stuck in the suggestion box (Brittas’ fault when he threw Ron Sudbury’s engagement ring for Carole in there) and he gets into worse trouble afterwards.

Linda meanwhile invites Hugh Dickson as Edward, who happens to be her former headmaster. Yeah, like Brittas, I was hoping for Linda to have someone younger than that to go out with on the dance. And of course, Gavin and Tim go together because…you know; they’re gay and are in a relationship.

How come Brittas doesn’t realise that in the four years they’ve worked for him at the leisure centre?! 😀 Julie’s date also got arrested before he got to meet up with her. 😀 This episode also features the return of David Crean as Michael T. Farrell, who was Laura’s American ex-husband here.

Now before Michael returned, Gordon and Laura were spending quite a bit of time together. In fact, Gordon went over to Laura’s house for some supper meals and he even helped her with the garden. We get to see a flashback of them together in Laura’s garden when she shows Gordon the photos. 🙂

Brittas becomes threatened by Michael’s return in the episode and he doesn’t like him anyway since he first met him in the Series 3 episode ‘Sex, Lies and Red Tape’. But when Michael gets a chance to talk to Laura, revealing he’s disinherited and broke, they both get back together. Brittas is saddened.

Helen also rushes back home and in a state, since the twins vomited a lot of lobster from the hotel they were staying at, I believe. 😀 Brittas clearly has too much to drink when everyone’s meeting in the leisure centre reception hall and the weather’s not that great once it’s raining heavily outside. 😀

‘Shall We Dance?’ rating – 8/10

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