‘Snap Happy’ (TV)



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And here we are on the season finale to Series 6 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. This also happens to be the final appearance of Anouschka Menzies as Penny. I can’t say Series 6 has been a great season of ‘The Brittas Empire’, but then again it’s by different writers as opposed to the writing duo before them. 😦

The Whitbury New Town Lesiure Centre staff are about to have their photo taken by a professional photographer. This happens to be Hugh Walters as the photographer, who I’ve seen in the ‘Doctor Who’ stories ‘The Deadly Assassin’ and ‘Revelation of the Daleks’ and the audio ‘The Fearmonger’. 🙂

However, the photography session gets interrupted a lot due to phone calls; Colin sneezing over Gavin; and the sun going out. It frustrates Hugh Walters who has a lot to be getting on with during the day. It was pretty amusing when Brittas said he wasn’t happy with the ‘final attempt’ by the end.

The episode also has an English Heritage inspector visiting the leisure centre, Alan David as Mr. Humphries. He’s come to check the building sounds easy enough. Mr. Humphries gets easily stressed whenever he hears a loud noise in the building. It isn’t helped when Mr. Brittas is not at all sensitive.

Brittas also starts a chain of disasters whilst he and his staff wait for the sun to come out for their picture to be taken. A pool event turns dirty in a big way, especially since the sandwiches are contaminated. That might be Colin’s fault! I want to know who left him to attend the sandwiches. 😐

It could be Brittas who told him to make them. Carole doesn’t help much either when she begs for her son Ben to attend the pirate pool party, run by David Ross as the pirate. Ben becomes a menace when demanding all of the prizes and the sweets. Carole should’ve brought up her son a little better.

Julie also isn’t specific when she tries to tell information to Brittas about the demolition man, played by Sion Tudor Owen, wanting to blow up as disused air raid shelter nearby. She was like this in the previous episode. And so you know it, Sion Tudor Owen is a Welsh actor despite my Mum’s disbelief.

It was funny when Tim pulled the lanyard too hard on Colin’s oxygen tank when he’s going underwater in the swimming pool. Hearing Colin’s high-pitched voice when he comes up out of the pool was funny. Helen also seems to have gone on this parachute course to overcome her anxiety. 😐

The DVD special features for Series 6 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ are as follows. There are outtakes from Series 4 (which should be on the Series 4 DVD) and a picture gallery.

‘Snap Happy’ rating – 8/10

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