‘Stop Thief!’ (TV)



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This was a very enjoyable episode in ‘The Brittas Empire’ series. In the episode, Mr. Brittas closes the leisure centre again for a whole day – the fourth time in a month according to Laura. He suspects a crime wave when Carole’s £5 note goes missing. His methods in seeking out a criminal go a bit too far.

I found it very funny during the staff meeting when Colin kept wanting to go to the toilet since he has bladder trouble. When Brittas is speaking, Colin gets the instant urge and goes out, interrupting the meeting. It’s so funny when Colin tries to make a point during the meeting and gets another urge then.

Gordon tries to set a trap in the episode where he leaves out his wallet for people to find so that he can hide in a locker to see who’s stealing it. It doesn’t quite go according to plan as people find his wallet and give it back to him, telling him he should be more careful and that it’s a silly thing to leave it about.

It’s amusing when Gordon notices £20 has been stolen from his wallet, though his wife took the £20 herself and it was taken from the petty cash box. Gordon has Colin hide in the locker in place of him when he has to go with his wife to the doctors. It ends badly as Colin falls out of a locker from a height.

It was funny when Brittas tried to summon Colin out of a locker and he wasn’t there when people, who thought it was Brittas inside the locker, took the locker away. Brittas demands, “Alright, who stole Colin!” It’s just so funny. And it’s funnier when Angie realised it was Colin inside the locker, not Brittas.

Brittas goes with his wife Helen to the doctors when she tries to get more depression pills. But Steve Edwin as Dr. Grey, who’s new to the practice, doesn’t know about the suffering Helen goes through with her husband. When he does meet Brittas though, Dr. Grey provides Helen some stronger pills. 😀

The stronger pills given to Helen are meant for the really bad days. 😀 The mystery of Carole’s missing £5 gets solved in the episode too. Apparently, it was her baby boy Ben who ate the £5 note. It’s funny when Carole shows the baby nappy to Brittas in which the £5 note was in and he’s disgusted in seeing it.

‘Stop Thief!’ is an enjoyable ‘Brittas’ episode. I think ‘The Brittas Empire’ is finding its feet in how to tell the stories with Gordon Brittas and his leisure centre. It’s early days, but it’s getting there. The characters are getting development too and it was amusing to see Colin fall out of a locker from a height.

‘Stop Thief!’ rating – 8/10

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