‘Surviving Christmas’ (TV)


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We come now to the 1996 Christmas Special of ‘The Brittas Empire’ called ‘Surviving Christmas’. I was confused in watching this Christmas Special. Apparently you’re meant to watch it before Series 7. I thought you were to watch it after Series 7 since it was included as a special feature on the DVD.

I prefer ‘Surviving Christmas’ to be at the end of the series, especially when it ties into Brittas, Helen and Carole’s character journeys – more on that when we get to ‘Curse of the Tiger Women’. But considering that episode’s ending, perhaps it’s better to see the Christmas Special before Series 7. 😐

For the sake of argument, I’m reviewing these ‘Brittas Empire’ episodes in the order they were transmitted. Thus I’m reviewing ‘Surviving Christmas’ first before I review Series 7. Incidentally, Julie doesn’t make an appearance in this episode. I suppose she was off on maternity leave with her baby.

Although it doesn’t make sense when she’s heavily pregnant at the beginning of Series 7, but we’ll get to that when we come to ‘The Elephants’ Child’. Anyway, Gordon takes his leisure centre staff for a military-style team-building exercise in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. What a way to spend Christmas!

Brittas and his team have to brave through the rigors of the wild as they’re relentlessly pursued by would-be assassins. Brittas’ well-meaning intentions in motivational skills make things worse, especially when their supervisor gets sucked down into a bog the night before Christmas Eve itself. 😦

The episode features Mark Arden as Captain Kipper ‘B’ Brown, who’s in charge of the military-style team-building exercise for Brittas’ lot. Captain Brown gets annoyed when Brittas keeps butting in during his lecturing. There’s also Jeffery Dench as Mr. Newmark who dresses up as Father Christmas.

Apparently, Mr. Newmark is obsessed with being Father Christmas. He gets upset when Brittas says they’re not hiring him this year, due to going down to the Brecon Beacons. Brittas also criticised him for being Father Christmas in the past. Newmark plans to exact revenge on Mr. Brittas in Wales here.

Helen also comes along as she suspects that Gordon’s having an affair with Carole, since she received a ‘filthy’ Christmas card in the post from a ‘C’. But it was actually Colin who sent the Christmas card, not Carole. I wonder why Helen didn’t question Brittas about the card early on here.

‘Surviving Christmas’ rating – 7/10

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