‘Temple of the Body’ (TV)



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In the second episode of Series 2 of ‘The Brittas Empire’, Mr. Brittas closes Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre again to brief his staff about the latest obsession he has. He’s preventing unprofessional intimacy between staff. This means unprofessional intimacy between male and female members of staff.

This is commonly becoming a trend in ‘Brittas Empire’ episodes where Brittas shares his latest ideas with his leisure centre staff and he implements them into practice whilst at work. These ideas of course end in disaster and very often Brittas dismisses them by the time we come to the very next TV episode.

Tim and Gavin of course don’t have any problem with Brittas’ latest measure of preventing unprofessional intimacy between members of the opposite sex because…well, you know, they’re gay. That doesn’t stop Brittas stirring trouble as he suggests to Tim that Gavin may be having a fling with a woman.

Another story goes on for Carole where she’s actually pregnant again. Apparently, Carole has a night of love with someone at Julie’s fancy dress New Year’s party. She was dressed up as a tiger whilst the other was dressed up as a gorilla. It’s suggested by the episode’s end that Brittas was that very gorilla. 😀

Matters are complicated further when Helen was dressed up as a tiger too. Brittas may have thought Helen was the tiger instead of Carole. The resolution of this plot thread isn’t fulfilled until the end of Series 7. It’s incredible how it starts here in Series 2 and it’s kept in suspense for a while until Series 7.

Brittas suspects hanky-panky going on when he finds knickers lying about somewhere. They happen to be Helen’s. He with Colin also find a ‘love nest’ in the leisure centre. Brittas hopes to find the culprit, only for it to go pretty wrong by drilling ‘peep-holes’ that look into the ladies’ locker-rooms and showers.

Soon, Brittas enlists Linda’s help to catch the culprit as he bugs her with a new T-shirt for him to listen to her having a conversation with Gavin who may be a suspect. Brittas eventually finds that the person using the ‘love nest’ happens to be…Carole! She lives inside the leisure centre after she was homeless.

The episode also features Geoffrey Drew as a reporter and Graeme Smith as a photographer who’ve come to the leisure centre to get a photo of Julie in a bikini after she rescued a dog in the swimming pool. They eventually catch Brittas and Carole out together in the ‘love nest’. Overall, pretty enjoyable!

‘Temple of the Body’ rating – 8/10

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