‘That Creeping Feeling’ (TV)



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This is one of my favourite episodes in ‘The Brittas Empire’ series. This is where I think ‘The Brittas Empire’ series finally found some ground. Series 4 is my favourite season of ‘The Brittas Empire’, but there are some good gems in Series 3 where the episodes became funnier and more entertaining. 😀

In the episode, the Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre staff have sent Gordon Brittas to ‘Coventry’. (gasps) I know! Big shock! And Gordon never noticed in all that time of two weeks! How come he didn’t notice? He clearly didn’t notice Julie slamming his cup of tea down and scissors onto his desk.

So, why have the leisure centre staff sent him to ‘Coventry’? Well, Laura explains to Mr. Brittas that he was insensitive about their health targets during their first staff meeting of the month. Apparently he abuse security recordings to take photos of their ‘unappealing physical appearances’.

Yes! Gordon did that and he didn’t think they would offend his staff. As Laura explains this to him and he tries to recollect the incident, Mr. Brittas decides to call in for a psychologist to diagnose the source of aggravation happening in the centre. The psychologist is Andrew Hilton as Dr. Matthews. 🙂

It was funny when Dr. Matthews use a machine to record the stress levels of Mr. Brittas’ leisure centre staff. But when Mr. Brittas is in the room with Helen, Tim, Gavin and Julie, their stress levels go high and the noise on the machine goes wild. It was very funny when that happened in the story.

As Dr. Matthew proves to him that he’s the source of aggravation for what’s happening to his staff in the leisure centre, Mr. Brittas just can’t fathom it out. He means well but doesn’t realise that his attempts of trying to create world peace in his leisure centre would cause much upset and dismay. 😦

Meanwhile, a live tarantula gets sent to Mr. Brittas from a millionaire with a grudge against him. It was funny when the tarantula appeared behind a clipboard; behind a teddy bear; behind Carole’s back and behind Linda before it ends up behind Colin’s…behind…and he’s bitten by it with poison. 😮

The affect of the spider’s bite seems fatal as Colin is about to die with the poison going into him. Thankfully…and with bravery…Gordon sucks the poison out of Colin’s…bum (ugh!) and all is well. The leisure centre staff soon have that high admiration for Mr. Brittas after he just saved Colin’s life.

‘That Creeping Feeling’ rating – 9/10

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