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This ‘Brittas Empire’ episode is a significant one for Gavin’s character. He’s been promoted to acting deputy manager at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. Everybody’s pleased except Tim, who’s still very bitter about Gavin backstabbing him by leaving the workers and joining the management ranks.

Gavin is given a practice trial run to be in charge of the leisure centre for a day whilst Gordon and Laura are stepping down temporarily. It was fun to see Gavin be in charge for a bit, although he’s compounded by Brittas following him about and gets into these disaster scenarios during the day. 😐

I think Brittas should’ve reduced the amount of disaster scenarios being put on Gavin during his trial run as acting manager at the leisure centre. It isn’t helped when some of these disasters actually happen to be real and Gavin gets blamed for them happening by everyone else at the leisure centre.

People like Linda and Julie tell Gavin about certain disasters happening in the leisure centre and they turn out to be imaginary. But when Colin tells Brittas and Gavin about a girl being half-baked in a sauna, it happens to be a real one after all. Brittas is shocked to see the half-baked girl in this tale. 😀

Carole also hesitates about receiving an offer from a rich old gentleman friend, Donald Morley as Gerald, to be her ‘kept woman’. It ends in tears when Gerald dies by accident and Carole receives no sympathy from Gavin as he believes she’s making it up. By this point, Gavin’s become stressed out. 😦

There is a subplot where Helen becomes desperate to get rid of a most ill-considered tattoo and she’s trying to get money off from people. Laura soon helps Helen out as they have the tattoo adjusted to be more ‘decent’. It was bizarre of Helen to show off her tattoo to Gavin in this episode.

Gordon also becomes reluctant to share the news to people that he’s gone for the job in Brussels which starts in six weeks’ time. Laura only knows about Gordon going off to Brussels and she shares with the leisure staff how much he wants to see whether the team can do well ‘without him’ here. 😐

The leisure centre staff are keen for Brittas to go and leave when attending a debriefing. At the time of first watching this episode, I had no idea Brittas was disliked greatly by members of staff. Had Brittas been friendlier to his staff and customers, then perhaps he needn’t have gone to Brussels. 😀

‘The Boss’ rating – 8/10

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