‘The Brittas Empire’ – Who’s Who

Here’s a list of who’s who in ‘The Brittas Empire’ TV series.

CHRIS BARRIE as Gordon Brittas (Series 1-7)

Gordon Brittas is very dedicated to his job as manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. He cares for everyone around him, including his wife Helen. He has ambitions to make the world a better place and fulfil his dream. But Brittas’ noble and well-meant intentions often cause great disaster and chaos.

PIPPA HAYWOOD as Helen Brittas (Series 1-7)

Helen is Gordon’s long-suffering wife in the TV series. She starts by being marginally depressed as a housewife as well as agitated by her husband and his grand schemes. She gradually becomes more neurotic and dependent on these prescribed drugs that do lead her into the most awkward of scrapes.

JULIA ST. JOHN as Laura (Series 1-5)

Laura is the deputy manager (dry) of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre and Mr. Brittas’ second-in-command. Laura is calm and extremely efficient in the management side of things. She’s also the voice of reason as she tolerates Brittas’ eccentric manner and she has many people’s best interests at heart.

MIKE BURNS as Colin (Series 1-7)

Colin Weatherby is a deputy manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre as well as the janitor. He’s a gentle, loyal, kind-hearted and friendly man at the leisure centre. Unfortunately he can be forgetful, disorganised, late for staff meetings, incompetent and appears dishevelled and filthy which irritates Brittas.

HARRIET THORPE as Carole (Series 1-7)

Carole is the receptionist at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. She starts off being a weepy sort of character in the series, but gradually she becomes calmer and becomes a mother of three children. She unfortunately keeps her kids in the drawers and cupboards in the reception area where she works.

TIM MARRIOTT as Gavin (Series 1-7)

Gavin Featherly is a pool attendant in the series before he becomes an acting deputy manager at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre by Series 5. Gavin is gentle and caring and is in a relationship with co-worker Tim Whistler. Sometimes Gavin falls out with Tim at times when he keeps secrets from him.

RUSSELL PORTER as Tim (Series 1-7)

Tim Whistler is a pool attendant and a chef at the leisure centre. He’s also bisexual and happens to be in a relationship with Gavin Featherly, which Mr. Brittas is unaware about. Tim despites Brittas and his approach to managing the leisure centre. He often gets over emotional when things get disastrous.

JILL GREENACRE as Linda (Series 1-7)

Linda is a pool attendant at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. She happens to be an enthusiastic, hard-working person, having deep admiration for Mr. Brittas whatever tasks he sets her. She gradually has a keen awareness of ethical issues with being environmentally aware and fighting for animal rights.

ANDRÉE BERNARD as Angie (Series 1)

Angie is Mr. Brittas’ first secretary at the leisure centre when he arrived in Series 1. She has a caring and relatively calm personality; but is annoyed when Mr. Brittas is insensitive to Carol’s emotional breakdown upon arrival. Angie was involved in locking Colin up in a locker, believing it to be Mr. Brittas.

JUDY FLYNN as Julie (Series 2-7)

Julie became Mr. Brittias’ secretary in Series 2, replacing Angie from Series 1. Julie is northern and fiery. She’s outspoken and insubordinate. She doesn’t like Brittas and encourages the leisure staff to go against him. Julie has her own catchphrase “I’m busy!” whenever Brittas wants her to get her a coffee.

ANOUSCHKA MENZIES as Penny (Series 6)

Penny Bidmead, like Angie from Series 1, only appeared in one season of the show. In Series 6, Penny operates the leisure centre’s new sauna beauty department. She’s an attractive blonde with an air of arrogance about her. She often clashes with staff members including Brittas, but gets on well with Helen.

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