‘The Chop’ (TV)



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We’re now on the penultimate episode of Series 4 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. This has been a very good season so far and it does build up to a very good climax. The last two episodes of Series 4 are linked together with Brittas’ job being put on the line as in this episode; he gets fired by this new councillor.

As Brittas has his staff play an intricate board game which paints a grim version of life, he receives a visit from Stephen Churchett as Councillor Jack Drugget, who makes his debut in the series. Drugget is the new man in charge of sports. He’s determined to end Brittas’ career as leisure centre manager.

Drugget announces that the council isn’t prepared to pay for Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre’s deficit and he offers Brittas a generous pension with a bonus if he leaves the country. Brittas refuses to back down, but he finds it won’t be so easy to get rid of Drugget once he’s found a note by Helen.

It turns out that Helen took a lot of petty cash to purchase a dog called Wane. Apparently Wane can do nasty tricks such as bin the tops off swimsuits. 😮 Helen struggles to tell Gordon that she’s bought the dog but Gordon works it out once he finds that she has taken petty cash without his permission.

Helen grumbles about Gordon who is about to take away the first thing she ever really wanted. But Gordon’s career is in jeopardy. Drugget will press charges on Helen unless Gordon takes the blame. Soon, Helen goes missing. As Gordon waits up for Helen, the dog does turn out to be a lovely pet. 😀

The next day, Gordon finds Helen was hiding inside the dog’s kennel whilst the dog remained outside. Gordon tells Helen that he took the blame for her and very good packs his things as he leaves the leisure centre. It was sad to see Gordon being made to leave like that because of Helen. 😦

Carole’s role as the receptionist becomes in jeopardy, especially when she tries to ask Laura to help convince Gordon that her son Ben needs a larger cupboard. Once Drugget gets wind of Carole’s demand, he soon fires her and renders her homeless. Gordon sees Carole upset on his way out here.

Throughout the episode, Gordon keeps having guillotine nightmares. First it was his wife Helen was about to guillotined; before it was him to be guillotined and then it was him and Carole. Very unusual to see Gordon and Carole as well as Helen get presented in that ‘Tale of Two Cities’ fashion!

‘The Chop’ rating – 8/10

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