‘The Elephants’ Child’ (TV)


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Here we are on the seventh and final season of ‘The Brittas Empire’. I must admit, all the episodes of ‘The Brittas Empire’ have been enjoyable in their various measures. But I do find Series 6 and 7 to be backward-thinking in terms of the writing, especially when some character arcs don’t make sense. 😐

In the episode, Gordon Brittas passes by a gigantic pile of elephant dung outside the front entrance to Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. He even steps in the dung once walking into the leisure centre. And I’ve been thinking about a fantasy comedy saga involving piles of elephant dung in it! 😀

This pile of elephant dung happens to have been collected by Colin who lost an engagement ring to his intended fiancée. It does leave a mess when Colin doesn’t remove the elephant dung as per Colin’s instructions. The story ends with Gordon and Helen falling into the dung during a bunji-jump.

Yeah, talking about that! Brittas has arranged for a bunji-jump event at the leisure centre. He’s involved in the event as well as his wife Helen; Linda and reluctant ‘volunteers’ Tim and Gavin. Tim tries to back out of this bunji-jump, pretending he’s sick and subjects himself to hot and cold temperatures.

He also wants to avoid telling his lover Gavin that he’s terrified of doing the bunji-jump as he wants to show how tough he is. Unbeknown to Tim, Gavin actually has agoraphobia – which involves being afraid of heights, I believe. I’m surprised Tim didn’t know about it from Gavin in getting to know him.

Helen also tries to stage a fur coat’s theft as an insurance scam. I don’t understand why she’s doing it really, but she gets helped by Julie who’s heavily pregnant. Yeah! Julie’s heavily pregnant by this point. I thought she would’ve gone on maternity leave at this stage. In fact, why hasn’t she here? 😐

Doesn’t Brittas provide maternity leave for his staff? I thought that was the case when Julie was absent in ‘Surviving Christmas’. Also, Julie seems willing to do the bunji-jump whilst she’s pregnant. The…the thought occurs to me that the writing for this particular episode is very backward-thinking.

Julie has her baby in Colin’s boiler room. She’s helped with Colin, Helen, Brittas and Carole supporting her. Carole’s been on an assertive course, which has made her rude lately. Thankfully she’s herself again by the end. Stephen Churchett as Councillor Drugget appears in this episode too.

‘The Elephants’ Child’ rating – 8/10

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