‘The Last Day’ (TV)



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It’s the season finale to Series 5 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ and it does provide us with a pretty emotional as well as comedic climax. In the episode, Mr. Brittas prepares for his departure to Brussels as the European Commissioner for Sport. But his exit from England doesn’t quite go to plan.

Due to a technicality with the Germans, Brittas feels he can’t go to Brussels unless a certain part of the contract is fulfilled. I did find it funny when Brittas was reading his speech like he was reading Neville Chamberlain’s 1939 speech about the declaration of war on Germany. I’ve just realised that!

But would you know it, a big disaster happens at the leisure centre. For you see, Brittas decides to have a huge emergency water tank installed as an extra fire precaution in the leisure centre. But the water tank ends up falling through the floors of the leisure centre and ends up in the reception area.

Carole happens to be in reception and driving around in Ben’s red toy car. It was funny when Carole tried to phone Mr. Brittas whilst in the car before she found she couldn’t move it. The car malfunctions, you see. Eventually, the water tank’s about to fall to where she is but Brittas saves her.

And I mean save her! He self-sacrifices himself to push Carole in the toy car out of the way before he ends up getting crushed by the water tank falling onto her. It was a pretty emotional scene where Laura, Julie, Colin, Tim and everyone else realises that Brittas has been killed in saving Carole’s life. 😮

We do get to see Brittas going to the afterlife where he meets Tony Steedman as St. Peter and Jasper Jacob as Michael. But even in heaven; Brittas doesn’t stay for long and he’s sent back to finish his work and fulfil his ‘dream’ being a leisure centre manager. I’m sure that’s not how heaven works.

It was nice to hear the speech made by Laura about how much she liked Mr. Brittas despite him being annoying at times and it was nice to see the tributes made by people who knew him such as Colin, Julie and Helen. It’s short-lived of course when Brittas starts knocking inside his own coffin. 😀

‘The Last Day’ is a good episode to end Series 5. I’m guessing Series 5 was meant to close ‘The Brittas Empire’ for good before it got renewed for Series 6 and 7. I would’ve preferred it if Series 5 was the last season or at least have Series 6 and 7 feature Laura in it since Laura doesn’t return after Series 5.

‘The Last Day’ rating – 9/10

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