‘The Lies Have It’ (TV)



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In this ‘Brittas Empire’ episode, Gordon returns to attend to the aftermath of the explosion that happened in the previous episode. Gordon gives his staff advice on how to be safe in a building site. He’s disappointed when Colin isn’t wearing a safety helmet but he inadvertently causes an accident.

I’m surprised the accident goes unnoticed, causing more builders victims, unable to say anything and warn anyone. Incidentally, this episode features Leslie Schofield as Mr. Donaldson, the head builder. I’ve seen Leslie Schofield in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Face of Evil’. It’s amazing to find him in this!

This episode also features the return of David Crean as Michael T. Farrell III, Laura’s American husband. Michael desperately attempts to apply for a job as a junior pool attendant whilst Laura’s away in London. Gordon fanatically opposes him as he makes it clear he doesn’t like Michael here. 😐

Helen also covers up another adulterous night out – presumably with Pip Torrens’ character from the previous episode – by getting the staff to lie to Gordon that they attended a fictional birthday party for Carole. It was Carole’s birthday yesterday but no-one was there to celebrate it. How sad. 😦

Soon, the staff gets caught out by Brittas when he points out inconsistent details. This includes Colin not being there to attend; the size of the present from a little box to a bundle of towels and how many people were around the table whether circular or square. Gordon works out they lied to him.

Tim also finds out Gavin has been studying management in secret. This causes the gay lovers to fist-fight each other. I suppose it’s fascinating how Gavin seems to have backstabbed Tim by wanting to become a manager. I suppose if Brittas was a better manager, Tim would see things very differently.

Brittas works out incorrectly that Michael Farrell had an affair with another woman and he tried to cover it up, but Michael goes along with it since he protects Helen in the cover-up she had with another man. Laura thankfully doesn’t find out, though she’s pleased that he tried to apply for a job.

Laura also shares her news to Michael that they’re going to have a baby soon. It means a good chance of Michael getting his inheritance. I liked the last scene between Gordon and Helen where they talk about Laura and Michael. Thankfully Gordon doesn’t tell the ‘truth’ to Laura about Michael.

‘The Lies Have It’ rating – 8/10

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