‘The Old, Old Story’ (TV)



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It’s time to begin Series 5 of ‘The Brittas Empire’! Series 5 was the first time I saw ‘The Brittas Empire’ on DVD. It was how I got into the series after enjoying the stories; getting into the characters and liking the comedic situations presented. Amazing I started in the middle of this series.

The episode begins with Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre now rebuilt, having been previously destroyed in the Series 4 finale ‘High Noon’. They’re also hosting an episode of the national TV religious music show called ‘Songs of Praise’. The episode features Pam Rhodes as a guest star here.

Gordon Brittas, whilst happy to have ‘Songs of Praise’ at the leisure centre, is concerned about the sanitary facilities being used by the elderly public. He considers it a safety risk since the staff pigeon holes in the staff room are not draught-proof. So he orders his staff members to keep the public out.

Incidentally, whilst I’m pleased the leisure centre’s been rebuilt, there’s not much to say that it’s changed much. Apart from a few changes like Brittas’ office and Julie’s office being situated differently, the leisure centre appears more or less the same as was in the show’s first four seasons.

This episode also features the second appearance of Stephen Churchett as Councillor Jack Drugget. Drugget still wishes for Brittas to leave as he finds an opportunity to offer him an irresistible challenge – to be European Commissioner for Leisure. It’s a continuing theme throughout Series 5. 🙂

Drugget tries to get Laura to give the offer to Gordon, but she’s unwilling to do it since she feels it’ll be like backstabbing a friend. Incidentally, Drugget is walking on crutches in this episode. I wonder if that was an accident that Stephen Churchett had and was written into the episode for convenience.

When the recording for ‘Songs of Praise’ is about to take place, an escaped ostrich roams freely about in the building. Brittas and the leisure centre crew try to stop and catch the ostrich before it causes chaos. It inevitably does lead to chaos once the ostrich’s runs riot in the leisure centre hall. 😀

The ostrich also leaves a massive deposit in the leisure centre that looks so gross to watch. It was funny to see the ostrich running about in the centre with Brittas being dragged behind it. In the end, Brittas sees the offer for European Commissioner, conveniently placed by Laura in the pigeon holes.

‘The Old, Old Story’ rating – 8/10

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