‘The Stuff of Dreams’ (TV)



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And now it’s time for the season finale of Series 3 of ‘The Brittas Empire’! Remember how Series 2 ended with Carole getting twins as well as a cow getting her calf? Well, it’s Helen’s turn to have twins at the end of Series 3. Will Brittas get Helen to the hospital in time or will he just muck it all up?

The episode begins with an obnoxious senior citizen called Mr. Derek Didcot who comes to the leisure centre and asks to be in a slimming class. Trouble ensues when Mr. Didcot becomes too slow for Arthur Whybrow as Mr. Johnston who is in a hurry. Soon, a fight ensues in the reception area. 😀

Thankfully the leisure centre staff members break up the fight. Laura takes Mr. Didcot to Brittas’ office and she asks him straight out why he disguised himself as an old man. It turns out it was Brittas all along as Didcot. That surprised me! Chris Barrie gets to do a different voice in the series! 🙂

Apparently Brittas was preparing for the week of the elderly, being concerned for the aged minority that don’t come to the leisure centre often. It turns out most staff members recognised Brittas in old man make-up, except for Colin. It was funny when Colin fainted once he saw it was Brittas after all. 🙂

Brittas also shares with Laura a dream he had about trying to pass on a ball of light to someone at a bus stop, but there was nobody there to pass it on to. Laura deduces his dream meant he’s worried about whom to pass on the responsibilities of the leisure centre to? Is there an offspring involved? 😀

Helen also wishes for Laura to drive her to the hospital instead of Gordon as she doesn’t want to end up like Carole who had her baby delivered to her by a vet. As Brittas sends out questionnaires to everybody who might be the next person to succeed him, Helen soon goes into a labour rather early.

But instead of Laura taking Brittas to the hospital like he agreed, he takes her to the hospital and soon gets involved in a car accident that strands them in the High Street. It was amusing when Mr. Johnston crashed into them and he takes forever to fill in the details for Mr. Brittas by the rule book.

Thankfully, a frat parade passes by and Helen soon gets to have her twins delivered on a hospital bed in the High Street. It’s amusing to see that happen. It’s then Brittas realises what the significance of his dream is as he’s to pass on his leisure centre responsibilities to his twins. A very good episode!

The DVD special features for Series 3 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ are as follows. There’s the ‘Where’s Ben’ game, a ‘Wogan’ interview with Chris Barrie, web-links and a stills gallery.

‘The Stuff of Dreams’ rating – 9/10

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