‘The Trial’ (TV)



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Welcome to Series 3 of ‘The Brittas Empire’! This is where the series kicks into full swing and finds its own ground on what it wants to be. And how do we begin Series 3? Well, by putting Gordon Brittas on trial of course. Yeah! Mr. Brittas stands trial for six-fold murder and several minor counts in story.

It was funny to see Brittas put on trial and in a courtroom outside the leisure centre. The judge is played by Harold Innocent, who’s done a number of TV and films over the years. He was even in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV story ‘The Happiness Patrol’ with Sylvester McCoy. I knew I recognised his name! 😀

There’s also Terrence Hardiman as the prosecutor during Mr. Brittas’ trial. He’s well-known for playing the Demon Headmaster in the titular BBC children’s TV series. He’s also been in ‘Doctor Who’ in the tale ‘The Beast Below’ with Matt Smith and ‘The English Way of Death’ with Tom Baker.

As the trial ensures, many of the leisure centre staff, including Laura, Gavin, Tim, Julie, Linda and Carole, as well as Brittas’ wife Helen testify as to what happened on the day when the murder incident occurred. I did think Carole was being quite malicious to Brittas in her testimony at the trial.

Throughout the episode, we’re given flashbacks as to what happened. It’s revealed that one of Gordon’s enemies put glue on various objects that he would touch to ruin his day. How that person was able to put glue on various objects without Brittas knowing is never explained in the TV episode.

Brittas also does his lavatory inspections that are merciless and meticulous. In the process, he finds keys to lockers behind each toilet. Each locker contains a briefcase. One is filled with £650,000 and another is a bag full of drugs called amphetamines. Helen took a liking to those drugs in the episode.

It seems Brittas took the suitcases to his office instead of the lost property box, which puts his case during the trial into question. Brittas also gets into trouble when his hands are stuck to a chainsaw. This causes the body count to rise after a gun shoot-out occurs and he injures old-age pensioners. 😀

It does seem like the evidence is against Mr. Brittas and he’ll never get out of jail. Thankfully, one of his good deeds pays off as the man responsible for the suitcases in the lockers confesses in the courtroom. It does not make the judge and the prosecutor happy as they wanted to ruin Mr. Brittas.

‘The Trial’ rating – 8/10

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