‘Two Little Boys’ (TV)



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Remember Gordon Brittas’ father that was introduced in the Series 2 episode called ‘Mums and Dads’? Well, here we get introduced to Gordon’s non-identical twin brother – Richard Braine as Horatio. I have seen Richard Braine play Gussie Fink-Nottle in Series 3 and 4 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. 🙂

He also guest starred in the ‘Doctor Who’ audio adaptation of ‘The English Way of Death’. It was great to see him in this ‘Brittas Empire’ episode, acting alongside Chris Barrie and being Brittas’ brother. Horatio went to make world peace, although unlike Gordon, he went to the church to become a vicar.

However, when Horatio is about to go for a vocation and be a dean of Beirut, he has a personal crisis. He turns to his twin brother and asks for his advice. He considers about not going aboard since he’s unsure about the world peace aims he and his brother have set out to do as they have their obstacles.

Helen meanwhile is desperate for Horatio to go and catch his plane. She wants to get rid of him as she can’t cope with two Brittas at once in the same house. Mind you, Horatio isn’t all that bad. As far as I’m concerned, I think Horatio is less odious than Gordon is as he’s presented so in this certain episode.

Meanwhile, another explosive problem occurs. Heating oil leaks from a tank. Colin and Linda have to empty the oil tank in order for a welder to fix it. But unbeknown to Colin and Linda, Mr. Brittas has ordered for more gallons of oil. They put the oil into plenty of buckets in order to empty the tank. 😀

They soon store the gallons of heating oil away in the weights room. Brittas is horrified by Colin and Linda storing it away in that weights room. Laura is even more shocked when Mr. Brittas tells her. They have to keep any naked flame away from the weights room including a candlelit birthday cake.

It was funny when a firework set off by Horatio’s glasses with sunlight shoots off into the weights room with the door open and the leisure centre blows up. After watching this episode again, my parents and I laughed out loud. This doesn’t stop Horatio from carrying out his goals by going aboard here.

That might be because a bus-load of youngsters from another leisure centre (from Guildford, I believe) encourage Gordon Brittas to carry on with running Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. And they had to score points in a competition using Brittas-isms. Some of that subplot is quite amusing. 🙂

‘Two Little Boys’ rating – 9/10

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