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Time for the penultimate episode in Series 5 of ‘The Brittas Empire’! The episode opens with some stock footage of 1940s German bomber planes ‘somewhere over England’. This is before we cut to the present day in the 1990s where Colin uncovers an unexploded World War II bomb in his cellar. 😮

It was amusing when Colin had to cope on his own with taking the unexploded bomb out from the wall in his cellar, despite him trying to alert Brittas that he needs help. But Gordon insists that everyone must learn to think for themselves. It doesn’t end well as Colin gets knocked on the head.

Not by the bomb of course, but by a croquet ball struck by Gavin in anger over the possibility Laura might be manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre instead of him. It was funny when Colin was in a lift with a mother and baby. The baby kept hitting at the unexploded bomb with his rattle. 🙂

Going back to the management thing, Brittas did intend for Laura to take over as manager of the leisure centre instead of Gavin. It was funny when Brittas had a fantasy about Laura being in love with him and we got to see her kissing him in that fantasy. If only if it were a reality for Mr. Brittas. 🙂

Sadly, Laura isn’t able to take over as manager of Whitbury Leisure Centre since she’s agreed to go back with Michael to America and she’s expecting a baby. In the end, Gavin becomes the new manager instead. In fact, most of the regular characters seem to be going on to happy endings here.

As well as Laura and Gavin, Helen is keen to go with Brittas to Brussels after finding out the three houses they’re going to live in when he becomes the EU commissioner. Carole also gets to be a music teacher for Peter Cleall as Mr. Trap from Social Services, who’s really…Von Trapp from Salzburg. 😀

Linda also seems to have a positive future as she’s been accepted into theological college and hopes to be the first female Archbishop of Canterbury. 😀 A pity most of the futures for these characters get undone by the time we get to Series 6. Well, except for Laura and Linda. I believe they’re good. 🙂

Julie also holds an informal party in the leisure centre’s staff room to celebrate her upcoming wedding with a baronet. At the episode’s end, Brittas has doubts on whether he should go to Brussels or not before he’s persuaded by Laura to go. Brittas doesn’t know of that UXB in the croquet set. 😀

‘UXB’ rating – 9/10

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