‘Wake Up the Lion Within’ (TV)


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This is another fun ‘Brittas Empire’ episode where Harriet Thorpe gets to play two characters. At least, I believe she plays two characters considering ‘Carole’s Double’ is credited as being played by Sarah Moyle. Also in the end credits, Harriet Thorpe’s credited for playing ‘Carole and her Alter-ego’.

And who would’ve thought that an ‘Allo, ‘Allo’ star would appear in the episode’s closing act. That ‘Allo, ‘Allo’ star happens to be Kim Hartman who played Helga in the series! 😀 In this episode, Kim Hartman plays Lotte Laudrup, a representative who awards Brittas the European excellence prize. 😀

I’ve met Kim Hartman in real-life at the ‘Film & Comic Con Glasgow’ in August 2019 by the way. 😀 Anyway, early on, Gordon Brittas expects everyone to be prepared for the inspection in order to win the European excellence prize for the leisure centre. He also tells his staff to find their ‘inner lion’. 😀

This is something he learnt from a loony Florida course where people had to use their unused potential by letting out their ‘inner lion’ roar. Carole does this rather reluctantly and unleashes a power-hungry side of her personality. It was so interesting to see Carole unleash her ‘alter-ego’ here.

Carole’s ‘alter-ego’ is rather arrogant, confident and ruthless unlike Carole’s timid self. I’m not sure if Harriet Thorpe’s using an American accent to play Carole’s ‘alter-ego’ though. 😀 Once her ‘alter-ego’ is out, Carole tricks Mr. Brittas into resigning his manager’s job over an accident involving a ladder. 😐

Stephen Churchett as Councillor Jack Drugget clearly takes pleasure in informing Brittas that the leisure centre’s not insured to use ladders. Once Gordon realises his ‘mistake’, he decides to resign. Ah well, hopefully Gavin will do a good job taking over the leisure centre…or it could be Carole here.

Wait, what?! Yeah, Carole applies to be a deputy manager to which she succeeds and after that, her ‘staging the ladder accident’ enables her to take over as manager of the leisure centre. I don’t think that’s how that works. Carole becomes despotic as leisure centre manager. Everyone is so miserable.

The leisure centre staff protest for Brittas to be brought back and very soon, Helen, through her counselling, persuades Brittas for him and her to go aboard. Still don’t get why Helen’s a counsellor? She’s not properly qualified! Carole soon defies her ‘alter-ego’ and she gets Brittas back as manager.

‘Wake Up the Lion Within’ rating – 8/10

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