‘We All Fall Down’ (TV)



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The episode’s title sounds a lot like a ‘Laurel & Hardy’ film. Maybe it was supposed to be that? 😀 Anyway, Brittas organises a week of fundraising for Peace and Hunger at the leisure centre. This features various sports marathons such as swim-a-thons, trampoline-a-thons and…sauna-thons and solarium-a-thons (?!!)

Yeah, even Penny’s not having it. I liked it when she coolly tells Brittas why it can’t be done since people being in a sauna and a solarium for too long will either burn or dry up. Even Brittas didn’t realise that. Despite Brittas’ good intentions, many people’s efforts in these events become disqualified here. 😦

During a swim-a-thon, Brittas disapproves of a girl wadding rather than swimming and isn’t happy when a boy doesn’t reach one end of the pool before swimming to the other. Gavin is willing to overlook this, but Brittas isn’t. Brittas is even hard on an old-age pensioner to pay money for something he says she must pay.

Meanwhile, Tim finds out that he gets paid less than his colleagues and goes berserk. Yeah, I think Tim’s rather ill-treated in this episode. Why does he get paid less than Gavin, Colin and Linda? Is it because Brittas doesn’t like Tim very much, especially since Tim’s been vocal against him in the past?

As he goes berserk, Tim takes hostages, preventing Gavin, Colin and Linda from attending to their duties. Brittas and Carole get wind of this and try to get Tim to surrender whilst he holds everyone hostage in the staff room. Brittas initially assumed it was Saddam Hussein behind all of this.

That’s because he saw a dummy doll that looked like Saddam Hussein. Gosh, how things have changed since then? 😀 Helen manages to get Tim distracted using a piece of string in order for Colin, Gavin and Linda to get a door open. Helen only did this so she could get Gordon’s cheque book. 😐

Incidentally, about Helen! She does something pretty horrible when poisoning bottles of blackcurrant juice in revenge against a baby nappy company who won’t have her and Brittas’ babies for a TV commercial. Carole and Penny point out what she did was wrong and tell her to put it right.

Tim does take desperate measures when he tries to ruin a banner to go against Brittas and Colin tries to intervene. The ‘Olympic torch and eternal flame show’ in the episode outdoes its own disaster potential on TV, especially as doves get killed and people get electrocuted in this. Shocking!!!

‘We All Fall Down’ rating – 8/10

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