‘A Close Shave’ (TV)

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Flock of Sheep and an Evil Dog

This is another cracking good ‘Wallace and Gromit’ film made in 1995 that I enjoyed watching!

‘A Close Shave’ is story filled with suspense and thrills and contains a wealth of new characters and lots of sheep going ‘Baa!’ I loved Wallace & Gromit when they drive in a new motorbike and sidecar.

In this film, there’s the same sequence where Wallace comes down for breakfast through drop in in the bedroom to the dining room. He fancies porridge and gets a bowlful from the new Porridge Gun.

But the Porridge Gun ends up going out of control and splats porridge all over Wallace’s face. Gromit manages to switches it off whilst Wallace is porridge up. I found that sequence very funny to watch.

The duo is soon called to do a window cleaning job at the wool shop run by Wendolene Ransbottom. I love that ‘Thunderbirds’ sequence with Wallace & Gromit getting into the motorbike and side car.

Wallace & Gromit arrive and get to work cleaning windows. Wallace meets Wendolene and falls in love for the first time. Wendolene also has a dog named Preston who appears to be sinister indeed.

Wallace & Gromit return to their house to find the place ravaged. They discover a sheep who managed to get into their house last night. This is Shaun the Sheep who we meet for the first time.

Shaun is full of mischief and seems to love eating anything. Wallace & Gromit give Shaun a wash as they put him in the Knit-O-Matic. They give him a wash first, but it accidentally ends in a ‘light shave’.

Fortunately, Shaun manages to stand on his four feet alive and gets a pullover knitted for him from the machine. Wallace and Gromit keep him as their pet, not realising Preston is about in their house.

Wallace & Gromit do more cleaning on the clock tower outside Wendolene’s shop. I laughed when Gromit got splashed by Wallace with shampoo from the Porridge Gun. “That was a bit thick” indeed.

Wallace pays Wendolene another visit, whilst Gromit discovers something odd and suspicious about Shaun the Sheep. This ends with him letting out a flock of sheep from a lorry and getting kidnapped.

Gromit gets framed for sheep rustling and is sentenced for life in prison, much to Wallace’s dismay. Gromit is alone in prison, despite being given dog food and a jigsaw present, which makes him upset.

He then gets a message on the jigsaw and Gromit is soon rescued by Wallace; Shaun and the flock of sheep. Soon Gromit is on the run, now a fugitive and is about to be hunted down like…well, a dog.

Wallace & Gromit discover Wendolene and Preston are the ones doing the sheep rustling. Preston soon turns against his owner when she tells him off and locks Wendolene and the flock in the lorry.

The chase is on to rescue Wendolene from Preston as well as for the sheep. I loved it when Gromit’s sidecar turns into a plane when falling down into a deep drop and flies off to meet up with Wallace.

Wallace, on motorbike, tries to rescue Wendolene and the sheep, whilst Gromit shoots at Preston with the Porridge Gun. Can Wallace & Gromit save the day, stop Preston’s evil and reveal his secret?

‘A Close Shave’ is great by comparison. It certainly contains lots more action and adventure than before. It deserves the award it won and it is one of the finest ‘Wallace & Gromit’ short films made.

The DVD special features for the original ‘Wallace & Gromit’ DVD are as follows. There’s a special documentary called ‘The Amazing World of Wallace & Gromit’. It’s narrated by Andrew Sachs and it focuses on the history of ‘Wallace & Gromit’ covering all three short films which I enjoyed so greatly.

There’s also a photo gallery and some Christmas Idents that were shown on BBC2 for the ‘Wallace & Gromit’ repeats back in the 1990s. I enjoyed those idents very much that I wish I could relive them.

The three original short films of ‘Wallace & Gromit’ are true classics and treasures. I have fond memories seeing these films when I was little. I still enjoy watching them to this day. I love every minute of these films from start to finish, including Julian Nott’s theme music for ‘Wallace & Gromit’.

Peter Sallis who provides the voice for Wallace shines throughout. I loved every minute of Gromit’s facial expressions. The films are great to enjoy and good to watch over a cup of tea and some cheese and crackers. If you’re watching these ‘Wallace & Gromit’ films first time, you won’t be disappointed.

So long and ‘don’t forget the crackers’!

‘A Close Shave’ rating – 9/10

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