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To The Moon with Cheese

I love ‘Wallace and Gromit’!

I have fond memories of this duo when I was small and used to watch them on TV during the Christmas holidays on BBC2 repeats. I’m sure I was there on time to watch ‘A Close Shave’ on its original transmission. Here on DVD are the three original classic adventures with a man and his dog.

These are a treasure to watch as they are some of the finest stories of ‘Wallace & Gromit’ produced by Aardman Animations. They’re all from the mind of Nick Park who wrote and directed these tales.

‘A Grand Day Out’ is the first ‘Wallace & Gromit’ adventure made back in 1989, the year I was born!

Wallace and his dog Gromit decide to book a holiday and can’t find a place they want to go to. Wallace suggests having a cup of tea with cheese and crackers. In the kitchen, there’s no cheese left.

Then Wallace has the inspiration for a holiday. They’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese! But where can they go to get cheese? Wallace then suggests going to the moon, as it’s made of cheese!

To get to the moon, Wallace decides to build a rocket. With Gromit’s help, they construct a rocket down in the basement. I laughed at the moments when Wallace & Gromit were building the rocket.

Eventually, Wallace and Gromit build; paint and finish the rocket, pleased with what they’ve done. The rocket looks spectacular. As a kid, my parents and I tried to build a rocket to travel to the moon.

Wallace and Gromit are all ready to go. Gromit’s at the rocket controls and Wallace lights the fuse to take off. They think they’ve got everything on board; set the countdown and open doors for take-off.

But then Wallace realises they’ve forgotten the crackers! No! They can’t go off without any crackers! So Wallace rushes back in the house to get a weight full of crackers, before he returns to the rocket.

Once back inside, the rocket commences take-off with Wallace & Gromit inside. The rocket shudders violently, until Gromit releases the handbrake. They’re off into space, which was very exciting to see.

I enjoyed it when Wallace & Gromit are in the rocket; relaxing in their comfy chairs whilst on their way to the moon. They’ve made the place so homely inside their rocket, which was nice and funny.

Gromit tries to make a tower of deck of cards and Wallace enjoys reading his newspaper and a slice of buttered toast. They soon arrive on the moon. It was amazing to see the moon in its cheesy glory.

Wallace and Gromit explore the moon surface and have a nice picnic. They try out the cheese that’s there in the shape of cones. I loved Wallace and his obsession of cheese, as it makes him so quirky.

I also loved Gromit who doesn’t say anything. You can tell what he’s thinking by the look on his face. Gromit tolerates Wallace’s eccentrics at times, but he’s an ever loyal and faithful dog to his master.

Wallace doesn’t know what to make of the new cheese that he and Gromit have found on the moon. It isn’t Wensleydale or Stilton. I liked Gromit’s reactions when he sniffs at the cheese for Wallace.

On the moon, Wallace & Gromit come across an antiquated oven that’s alive when you insert coins into it. This is the Cooker and he can move about on wheels; has hands and an adjustable antennae.

The Cooker gets curious by the new arrival when he wakes to see the rocket and the picnic left about. He finds a book on skiing and seems to have a dream to ski himself on the hills of the moon.

The Cooker’s not happy when someone has been eating his cheese on the moon and he spots Wallace eating cheese with crackers. Can Wallace & Gromit escape and return to the rocket safely?

‘A Grand Day Out’ is a superb short film with Wallace & Gromit. I’m very fond of this film. Despite it losing out to an award given to ‘Creature Comforts’, this is a humble beginning to Wallace & Gromit.

‘A Grand Day Out’ rating – 9/10

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