‘The Wrong Trousers’ (TV)

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Wrong Trousers and the Penguin

This is my favourite ‘Wallace & Gromit’ film! ‘The Wrong Trousers’ is a brilliant short film from 1993!

It’s Gromit’s birthday today, which sends a buzz for me to think it’s my birthday in May. Gromit receives a birthday card from Wallace that has a musical tone and Wallace comes down to breakfast.

I loved it when Wallace comes down by dropping from the bedroom into dining room in a ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ style. It gives Wallace a touch of pain on entry, but I’m so fond that sequence.

Wallace gets a slice of toast, splattered with jam, that’s comes speedily to him for breakfast by Gromit. It’s one Wallace’s inventions. He really enjoys the toast when it’s given to him at breakfast.

Wallace gets lots of bills in the post and realises he’s short of cash to pay them. But he’s not going to let that spoil Gromit’s birthday. He gives him his presents, provided by the 905 train set which I love.

I really love that train set whenever it comes up in the story, since I love trains from my ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ days. Wallace gives Gromit a dog collar and something so interesting in the living room.

Gromit comes across some mechanical legs walking in wrapping paper towards Gromit. I found this scary when I saw those legs for the first time. This is Gromit’s second birthday present from Wallace.

The mechanical legs are Techno Trousers. Wallace gives this present to Gromit for the Trousers to do the walkies. Gromit’s not happy with this present from Wallace as he would rather play in the park.

Wallace advertises a ‘room to let’ for a lodger at their house to pay the bills. The lodger turns up and it turns out to be a penguin. Gromit gets startled when he sees the penguin called Feathers McGraw.

Feathers takes over Gromit’s place in the house. Gromit gets annoyed when Feathers takes his bedroom; plays loud radio music and he can’t sleep at night when he’s forced to sleep in his kennel.

I felt for Gromit when he’s crying and upset with Feathers winning Wallace’s favour by getting him the paper and fetching his slippers. He can’t take it anymore and decides to leave Wallace ‘forever’.

It soon transpires that Feathers is a criminal and once Gromit’s gone, he advances with his plans. Wallace soon gets trapped inside the Techno Trousers and they’re now called…the ‘wrong trousers’.

Feathers makes a start on conducting his crime, unaware he’s watched by Gromit. Feathers uses Wallace in the ‘wrong trousers’, in his sleep, to steal a beautiful diamond at a high security museum.

The scenes where Wallace is ‘sleep-walking’ in the ‘wrong trousers’ and committing the robbery by Feathers were tense and engaging to see. Feather has to avoid the laser beams to steal the diamond.

My favourite sequence in ‘The Wrong Trousers’ is when Wallace & Gromit are chasing Feathers on the train set. It’s a very fast chase sequence. I loved it when Wallace and Gromit are on the train set.

I found it very funny and so exciting when Wallace & Gromit are running out of train tracks. Gromit uses the spare tracks in the box quickly to avoid getting off the track and to catch up with Feathers.

‘The Wrong Trousers’ is a brilliant ‘Wallace & Gromit’ short film and it’s definitely my favourite. I have many fond memories seeing ‘The Wrong Trousers’ and am pleased it’s now the success today.

‘The Wrong Trousers’ rating – 10/10

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