‘A Brush With The Law’ (TV)

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dad's army a brush with the law

Warden Hodges accuses Captain Mainwaring for putting the light on in the church hall office. Standing on trial, Mainwaring has to defend himself and say that somebody switched on the light after he left church hall. Geoffrey Lumsden guest stars as Captain Square, the magistrate of the trial.

This is a pretty good ‘Dad’s Army’ episode where Mainwaring has to defend himself for a crime he didn’t commit. His witnesses however are pathetic, especially Jones who can’t tell the same story that all the men in the platoon have to say. But soon Walker provides some ‘unexpected evidence’.

Hodges clearly shows his colours in wanting to condemn Mainwaring for a crime he didn’t commit. The Verger admits his guilt to putting the light on in the office to Hodges and he’s told to shut up about it. I commend the Verger for trying to prove Mainwaring’s innocence whilst his trail proceeds.

I enjoyed Captain Square in this episode. He clearly wants to condemn Mainwaring during his trail, despite claiming to be unbiased. I found it a surprise that Square happens to be a magistrate in Walmington-on-Sea. Very soon, Square gets embarrassed by Walker’s evidence as he’s also involved.

‘A Brush with the Law’ is a fine ‘Dad’s Army’ episode where we see Mainwaring in a trial court room. Thankfully, Mainwaring is proven innocent and everybody is pleased for his success. I like his last line when he tells the men what they’re fighting for, “Fair play, honesty and integrity of British justice.

‘A Brush with the Law’ rating – 9/10

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