‘The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage’ (TV)

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battle of godfrey's cottage

This is the second of the ‘lost episodes’ of ‘Dad Army’ found in 2001. Captain Mainwaring and his men prepare for an invasion. When the church bell sounds, Mainwaring, Jones and Frazer make for Godfrey’s cottage. Will they be able to protect themselves in this invasion or will it get messed up?

I loved the opening scenes where Mainwaring and his men rendezvous at the novelty rock emporium. It was funny when they get interrupted by Warden Hodges who tells them to get their bikes shifted. It was also funny when Godfrey arrived and when Mainwaring needed to pay a visit.

It was funny when Mainwaring is unaware of the church bell sounding when Wilson and Pike hear it at the bank. Mainwaring, Jones and Frazer work together to reach Godfrey’s cottage was very memorable for me. The night scenes when Wilson, Pike and Walker attack the cottage were funny.

I like that this episode delves into more of Godfrey’s character and his home life when she lives with her sisters. This episode marks the first episode of Godfrey’s sisters including Amy Dalby as Dolly and Nan Braunton as Cissy. Both are funny and dotty when Mainwaring and the men defend the cottage.

‘The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage’ is a wonderful little episode of ‘Dad’s Army’. I’m so glad this was found back in 2001 when it was once ‘missing presumed wiped’. The episode shows the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters at their best. I love it two sides of Mainwaring’s men defend Godfrey’s cottage to the last.

‘The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage’ rating – 8/10

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