‘Alpine Climbers’ (Film)


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Mickey, Donald and Pluto in the Swiss Alps

This was a fun Mickey Mouse cartoon that I enjoyed. In this, Mickey Mouse is accompanied by Donald Duck and his dog Pluto when they go up climbing the Swiss Alps. Our three Disney characters get tangled up with the other wild animals of the Swiss Alps and with some pretty disastrous results.

With Donald Duck, he gets into a scrape with a goat that keeps eating the edelweiss he wants to collect. It was funny when Donald kept chasing after the young goat before he gets butted by an angry older goat. Donald however gets his own back as he head-butts the older goat, defeating him.

Mickey Mouse meanwhile gets entangled with a mother eagle once he starts stealing her eagle eggs from her nest. Once Mickey throws the eagle eggs at the mother eagle as weapons, the baby eagles do come across as really violent. They attack Mickey in the process and one baby eagle attacks Pluto.

After getting injured and frozen as ice, Pluto gets inebriated with a St. Bernard who turns out to be Bolivar that makes his first appearance in Disney cartoons. It’s amusing that Bolivar is a rescue dog who revives Pluto with his brandy. Pluto is pretty drunk once recovered and even ‘fancies’ Bolivar. 😀

I enjoyed how the cartoon ended with Donald saving Mickey from the attacking mother eagle and baby eagles. Surprisingly, Donald can use his ‘duck tails’ to propel himself like a helicopter. Intriguing to know! Mickey and Donald soon see Pluto and Bolivar singing ‘woofily’ once they are inebriated. 😀

‘Alpine Climbers’ rating – 8/10

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