‘The Art of Skiing’ (Film)


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Goofy Does Skiing

This is a Goofy cartoon where he goes to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort to learn how to ski. What’s amusing about this cartoon is that it’s made as a training video in learning how to ski with a narrator in the background. Goofy’s antics however don’t make the educational aspects of the cartoon worthwhile.

It was amusing to see Goofy struggling to get up to go to ski whilst the narrator’s telling us essential information on skiwear. Goofy gets up, still asleep; puts on his skis, still asleep and then goes back to bed with his skis on his feet, still asleep. It was funny when the narrator yelled at Goofy to get up. 😀

Goofy is up in a flash once he’s told to get up by the narrator. He also goes through putting on his trousers whilst having his skis on. He could’ve easily taken his skis off his feet to put his trousers on. Goofy also doesn’t say anything while the narrator’s narrating, apart from doing the Goofy holler. 😀

Apparently this cartoon was the first to feature the famous Goofy holler in Goofy cartoons. He does get clumsy when he has a go at trying to ski up on the snowy mountains. If anyone watches this cartoon, it’s likely to put them off skiing (pronounced ‘sheeing’ – that’s weird) than encourage them.

I’m reminded of Sarah Sutton from ‘Doctor Who’ sharing how she dreaded skiing one time. 😀 I’m surprised Goofy didn’t get killed every time he failed a skiing manoeuvre. I found it funny when Goofy returned to his ski resort apartment via the window and he ended up falling asleep at the end.

‘The Art of Skiing’ rating – 7/10

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