‘Winter Storage’ (Film)


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Chip ‘n’ Dale and Acorns with Donald Duck

Here’s another Donald Duck cartoon and it features Chip ‘n’ Dale in it. The two chipmunks try to store as much acorns as they can before the winter season arrives. They steal Donald’s acorns when he’s planting oak trees. Donald has a challenge to prevent Chip ‘n’ Dale getting those lovely acorns. 🙂

It was fun to see Chip ‘n’ Dale in this Donald Duck cartoon. Chip is very bossy and rather mean to Dale who’s often clueless at times. That scene where Chip takes out the acorns planted in the ground and Dale puts thoes acorns back in like Donald does was very funny to watch in the cartoon.

Chip ‘n’ Dale are hard to understand through their chipmunk dialogue in these old Disney cartoons compared to later on in their show ‘Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers’. At least I can understand Donald at times. His line “We’ll see who’s the monkey around here!” was very funny to hear in this cartoon.

The scene where Donald watches the two chipmunks arguing with each other after he’s taken the box lid off them was amusing to watch. He eventually gets poked in the eye by Dale when provoking the chipmunks to fight. Both Donald and the chipmunks use hockey sticks to fight over the acorns. 😀

Yeah! Donald uses a hockey stick to stop the chipmunks using their hockey sticks to get acorns into their tree. Donald is eventually defeated when an overwhelming acorn ‘stampede’ comes upon him. Like the chipmunks, I think Donald lost his mind when he hit an acorn into their tree and he laughed.

‘Winter Storage’ rating – 8/10

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