Doctor Who Reviews

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to my ‘Doctor Who Reviews’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is where I will be posting my reviews for each of the Doctors in TV, audios; books; comics, etc. I have a list of the ‘Doctor Who’ that I’ve enjoyed in order of the Doctors from William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi.

Please feel free to comment on my reviews as I post them on my blog.

Enjoy! 🙂

01. One

The First Doctor

02. Two

The Second Doctor

03. Three

The Third Doctor

The Fourth Doctor


The Fifth Doctor

06. Six

The Sixth Doctor

07. Seven

The Seventh Doctor

08. Eight

The Eighth Doctor

09. War

The War Doctor

10. Nine

The Ninth Doctor

11. Ten

The Tenth Doctor

12. Eleven

The Eleventh Doctor

The Twelfth Doctor



Dalek Empire

  1. ‘Invasion of the Daleks’ (DE) (Audio)
  2. ‘The Human Factor’ (DE) (Audio)
  3. ‘”Death to the Daleks!”‘ (DE) (Audio)
  4. ‘Project Infinity’ (DE) (Audio)

Other ‘Doctor Who’-related reviews


  1. ‘Hunters of Earth’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  2. ‘Shadow of Death’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  3. ‘Vengeance of the Stones’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  4. ‘Babblesphere’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  5. ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  6. ‘Trouble in Paradise’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  7. ‘Shockwave’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  8. ‘Enemy Aliens’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  9. ‘Night of the Whisper’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  10. ‘Death’s Deal’ (DOTD) (Audio)
  11. ‘The Time Machine’ (DOTD) (Audio)


  1. ‘A Big Hand For The Doctor’ (Puffin/Audio)
  2. ‘The Nameless City’ (Puffin/Audio)
  3. ‘The Spear of Destiny’ (Puffin/Audio)
  4. ‘The Roots of Evil’ (Puffin/Audio)
  5. ‘Tip of the Tongue’ (Puffin/Audio)
  6. ‘Something Borrowed’ (Puffin/Audio)
  7. ‘The Ripple Effect’ (Puffin/Audio)
  8. ‘Spore ‘ (Puffin/Audio)
  9. ‘The Beast of Babylon’ (Puffin/Audio)
  10. ‘The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage’ (Puffin/Audio)
  11. ‘Nothing O’Clock’ (Puffin/Audio)
  12. ‘Lights Out’ (Puffin/Audio)

Short Trips


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