‘Kill The Moon’ (TV)



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The Twelfth Doctor on the Moon

kill the moon

This ‘Doctor Who’ episode by Peter Harness is probably my least favourite from Series 8. I felt dissatisfied with the story’s premise in the episode and the conclusion of how things were resolved.

In the episode, Ellis George as Courtney, one of the Coal Hill school pupils, joins the Doctor and Clara on an adventure to the moon in the year 2049. Courtney had previously appeared in ‘The Caretaker’.

This episode was filmed in sunny Lanzarote of all places. Lanzarote was where they filmed the story ‘Planet of Fire’ back in 1984. I do like how the production team used Lanzarote as the moon’s setting.

I’m afraid I found the moon turning out to be an egg and hatching an alien creature inside a ludicrous and silly idea. Terrance Dicks also felt the same, saying so at the ‘Valiant 2015’ convention.

Jenna Coleman as Clara stands out for me in this episode. Clara is forced to make a hard decision for the future of the human race. At the end, she gets angry with the Doctor for cruelly abandoning her.

kill the moon poster

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of ‘The Complete Series 8’, there is a commentary with director Paul Wilmhurst and first assistant director Scott Bates. On Disc 5, there’s the ‘Kill the Moon – Doctor Who Extra’ featurette.

‘Kill The Moon’ rating – 4/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Kill The Moon’ (TV)

  1. Ah! I’m glad you agree with me on how I found this episode, Simon. I’m glad it wasn’t just me. 😀

    I will need to update this review and extend it when re-watching ‘Kill The Moon’ again.

    Thanks Simon.

    Tim. 🙂


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