‘The Christmas Invasion’ (TV)

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Hello Ten!

Watch this before you watch ‘The Christmas Invasion’.

This is a terrific seven-minute special for Children in Need introducing David Tennant as the Doctor. I hadn’t seen this scene before, and it was great to watch. It’s a nice scene where Rose is unsure whether to trust the Doctor with a new face.

‘Children in Need 2005′ (‘Born Again’) rating – 5/5

doctor who series 2 volume 1 doctor who series 2 dvd1 doctor who series 2 dvd2


Please feel free to comment on my review.

The Sycorax Invasion

After enjoying Series 1 so much, I wanted to see Series 2 of ‘Doctor Who’!

This is David Tennant’s first season as the Tenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’. I wondered what this new Doctor was going to be like after watching Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of the character. I warmed to David’s Doctor and was looking forward to seeing more adventures with him and Rose.

I was slowly getting into ‘Doctor Who’ by 2006 and I wouldn’t have suspected that I would enjoy these episodes so much. Come join me and let’s see how David fares in his first season as the Doctor.

Let’s start with ‘The Christmas Invasion’. It’s Christmas time! It’s also the beginning of a new era for ‘Doctor Who’. This is the first ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special in 2005 and features the first appearance of David Tennant as the Doctor with Billie Piper as Rose and also introduces the Sycorax.

This is a 60-minute special episode by Russell T. Davies. I like how Russell has Christmas in the familiar setting of Rose’s home, as well as mixing in an alien invasion and introducing a new Doctor.

The TARDIS returns to present-day Earth in time for Christmas with Rose’ family. But the Doctor’s regeneration goes wrong and he becomes ill. The world soon needs him when the Sycorax invade.

christmas invasion3

In this episode, we don’t see the Doctor much as he’s mostly in bed and doesn’t do much. I wondered whether he would make a proper appearance since he didn’t seem to impress me at first.

But then when the Doctor does get better, he’s on fine form and gets to defy the Sycorax when they bully the humans. He challenges the Sycorax leader to a sword fight, making him Earth’s champion.

David Tennant delivers an amazing performance in his first appearance as the Doctor. I didn’t know that he would become one of my favourite Doctors in the series as imbues a lot in his performance.

christmas invasion2

I found it funny when David’s Doctor saved the world in his pyjamas before choosing on his brand-new look of clothes. He’s also a person who gives no second chances to those who displease him.

Billie Piper is superb as Rose Tyler as she carries forward the heart and audience participation in this episode. Rose is worried when she sees her Doctor changed and isn’t sure what to make of him yet.

Rose clearly misses the old Doctor before he regenerated. But she soon trusts the new Doctor when he gets to save the world. She still wants to continue travelling with him by the end of the episode.

christmas invasion6

Noel Clarke and Camille Coduri return as Mickey Smith, Rose’s ex-boyfriend and Jackie Tyler, Rose’s mum. It was nice to see him in this Christmas episode and share how Rose reacts to the new Doctor.

Penelope Wilton returns (from ‘Aliens of London’/’World War Three’) as Harriet Jones, now Prime Minister. It was nice to see her in this episode, though she does something that angers the Doctor.

The monsters are the alien Sycroax. When the Doctor’s ill, the TARDIS isn’t unable to translate the Sycorax’s alien language to the humans. This troubles Rose and makes life difficult for the humans.


The Sycorax want to enslave humanity and use blood control to persuade the humans to surrender. But the Doctor soon steps in and sorts everything out by sending the Sycorax away off into space.

The Sycroax spaceship hanging above London on Christmas Day was pretty awe-inspiring to watch. It put me in mind of the film ‘Independence Day’ when I was watching it as that is a terrifying image.

‘The Christmas Invasion’ has been an enjoyable and exciting start to a new tenure of ‘Doctor Who’. David Tennant is superb in this episode starting off as the Doctor. I was looking forward to seeing more of his Doctor was like and what adventures he would have with Rose Tyler as his companion.

christmas invasion4

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 1 of ‘The Complete Series 2 DVD’, there’s an in-vision audio commentary with executive producer/writer Russell T. Davies; executive producer Julie Gardner and producer Phil Collinson.

‘The Christmas Invasion’ rating – 8/10

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