Captain Jack’s Timeline


Here is ‘Captain Jack’s Timeline’.

I’ve referred to


to help me put this version of the timeline together.

I’ve included all the TV stories, audios; books and graphic novel/comics into this list for now.

The (TV) and (Audio) stories are highlighted in BOLD and RED.

The (Book) stories are to remain un-highlighted for now.

The short stories are highlighted in RED and/or ITALICS; and are CENTRED.

Regarding the (Book) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

*NSA – New Series Adventures
*TWN – Torchwood Novels

Please feel free to ask questions about this timeline, as I intend to revisit this and add new stories to the list as time goes on.

I’ve divided the timeline into 8 phases
1. The Beginning of Captain Jack Harkness
2. Captain Jack with the Ninth Doctor and Rose (Series 1b)
3. Torchwood (Series 1)
4. Torchwood (Series 2)
5. Torchwood (Series 3)
6. Torchwood (Series 4)
7. Torchwood (Series 5)
8. The Face of Boe

1. The Beginning of Captain Jack Harkness

The scenes of Jack as a boy on the Boeshane Peninsula from ‘Adam’ (TW) (TV) take place here.

1. ‘Month 25’ (from ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ (Audio)) takes place during Jack’s time as a Time Agent.

2. Captain Jack with the Ninth Doctor and Rose (Series 1b)

2. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (TV) 
3. The Deviant Strain (Book/Audio) – NSA* 
4. Only Human (Book/Audio) – NSA* 
5. Weapons of Past Destruction (Comic)

The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack’s appearance in ‘Supremacy of the Cybermen’ (Comic) takes place here.

6. Doctormania (Comic)
7. The Transformed (Comic)
8. Official Secrets (Comic)
9. Slaver’s Song (Comic)
10. Secret Agent Man (Comic)
11. Boom Town (TV) 
12. Night of the Whisper (DOTD) (Audio) 
13. The Stealers of Dreams (Book/Audio) – NSA* 
14. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways (TV)

15. ‘The Year After I Died’ (from ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ (Audio)) takes place after ‘The Parting of The Ways’ from ‘Bad Wolf’/’The Parting of the Ways’ (TV).

3. Torchwood (Series 1)

‘Best Friends’ (DW Files)
Captain Jack joining Torchwood Three in Cardiff in 1899 from ‘Fragments’ (TW) (TV) takes place here.

16. The Victorian Age (TW) (Audio)
17. The Baby Farmers (from ‘Consequences’ (TW) (Book) – TWN*)

Queen’s Victoria’s message of The Committee and the Red Key gift to Torchwood from ‘The Torchwood Archive’ (TW) (Audio) takes place here circa 1900.

Captain Jack given the Red Key by Queen Victoria and taking the key back to Torchwood Cardiff from ‘The Torchwood Archive’ (TW) (Audio) takes place here circa 1900.

Captain Jack’s 1909 scenes from ‘Small Worlds’ (TW) (TV) take place here.

The coming of the Weevils in 1914 from ‘The Torchwood Archive’ (Audio) takes place here.

Captain Jack’s 1920s scenes from ‘From Out Of The Rain’ (TW) (TV) takes place here.

The 1924 scenes of Torchwood India from ‘The Torchwood Archive’ (TW) (Audio) takes place here.

Captain Jack’s scenes with Angelo Colasanto from ‘Miracle Day’ (TW) (TV) take place here.

18. Overture (TW) (Comic)

The 1955 disastrous trial run of the Good Thinking Virus by Norton Fulgate and Captain Jack Harkness from ‘Outbreak’ (TW) (Audio) takes place here.

Captain Jack’s dealing with the 456 in 1965 from ‘Children of Earth’ (TW) (TV) takes place here.

The New Year’s Eve/Day scene from ‘Fragments’ (TW) (TV) where Captain Jack Harkness discovers Alex Hopkins kill his team and himself takes place here.

 Captain Jack meeting Toshiko Sato in 2004 from ‘Fragments’ (TW) (TV) takes place here.

The 2004 scenes of Suzie Costello finding The Red Key with Yvonne Hartman and Captain Jack Harkness from ‘The Torchwood Archive’ (TW) (Audio) takes place here.

Captain Jack’s appearance in ‘One Rule’ (TW) (Audio) takes place here.

19. ‘Wednesdays For Beginners (from ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ (Audio)) takes place after ‘The Year After I Died’ (from ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ (Audio)) and a long time before ‘Utopia’ from ‘Utopia’/’The Sound of Drums’/’Last of the Time Lords’ (TV), between ‘One Rule’ (TW) (Audio) and Captain Jack meeting Owen in ‘Fragments’ (TW) (TV).

 Captain Jack meeting Owen Harper in 2006 from ‘Fragments’ (TW) (TV) takes place here.

Captain Jack meeting Ianto Jones in 2007 from ‘Fragments’ (TW) (TV) takes place here.

20. Everything Changes (TW) (TV)
21. Day One (TW) (TV)
22. Ghost Machine (TW) (TV)
23. Another Life (TW) (Book/Audio)  – TWN*
24. Border Princes (TW) (Book/Audio) – TWN* 
25. Slow Decay (TW) (Book/Audio) – TWN* 
26. Cyberwoman (TW) (TV)
27. Small Worlds (TW) (TV)

‘Mend Me’ (TW) (TWM)

28. Countrycide (TW) (TV)
29. Greeks Bearing Gifts (TW) (TV)
30. Broken (TW) (Audio)
31. They Keep Killing Suzie (TW) (TV)
32. Random Shoes (TW) (TV)
33. Out of Time (TW) (TV) 
34. Combat (TW) (TV)
35. Hidden (TW) (Audio)

The 2007 sections of 36. ‘Web of Lies’ (TW) (Webcast) take place here.

37. Captain Jack Harkness (TW) (TV)
38. End of Days (TW) (TV)
39. Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords (TV)

4. Torchwood (Series 2)

40. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (TW) (TV)
41. The Legacy of Torchwood One! (TW) (Comic)
42. Sleeper (TW) (TV)
43. Shrouded (TW) (Comic)
44. To the Last Man (TW) (TV)
45. The Conspiracy (TW) (Audio)
46. Uncanny Valley (TW) (Audio)
47. Something in the Water (TW) (Book) – TWN*
48. Everyone Says Hello (TW) (Audio)
49. Meat (TW) (TV)

‘Unplugged’ (TW) (TWM)

50. In The Shadows (TW) (Audio)
51. Adam (TW) (TV)

52. Trace Memory (TW) (Book) – TWN*
53. The Twilight Streets (TW) (Book) – TWN*
54. Jetsam (TW) (Comic)

‘Harm’s Way’ (TW) (TWM)

55. Rift War (TW) (Comic)

‘Black Water’ (TW) (TWM Yearbook)
Captain Jack’s narration of ‘The Conspiracy’ (Audio) takes place here.

56. Reset (TW) (TV)
57. Dead Man Walking (TW) (TV)
58. A Day in the Death (TW) (TV)
59. Pack Animals (TW) (Book) – TWN*

‘Mrs Acres’ (TW) (TWM Yearbook)
‘The Beauty of Our Weapons’ (TW) (TWM Yearbook)
‘The Book of Jahi’ (TW) (TWM)

60. Something Borrowed (TW) (TV)
61. SkyPoint (TW) (Book) – TWN*

‘Planet Life’ (TW) (TWM Yearbook)

62. From Out of the Rain (TW) (TV)
63. Adrift (TW) (TV)

‘Monster’ (TW) (TWM Yearbook)

64. Fragments (TW) (TV)
65. Exit Wounds (TW) (TV)
66. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (TV)
67. Lost Souls (TW) (Audio)

5. Torchwood (Series 3)

68. Almost Perfect (TW) (Book) – TWN*

‘Who by Fire’ (TW) (TWM)

69. The Selkie (TW) (Comic)

‘Gordian’ (TW) (TWM)

70. The Sin Eaters (TW) (Audio)

‘The Man Who Dreamed Of Stars’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Closing Time’ (TW) (TWM)

71. Into the Silence (TW) (Book) – TWN*
72. Bay of the Dead (TW) (Book) – TWN*
73. The House That Jack Built (TW) (Book) – TWN*

‘The Last Voyage of Osiris’ (TW) (TWM)

74. Risk Assessment (TW) (Book) – TWN*
75. The Undertaker’s Gift (TW) (Book) – TWN*
76. The Wrong Hands (from ‘Consequences’ (TW) (Book) – TWN*)
77. Virus (from ‘Consequences’ (TW) (Book) – TWN*)
78. Consequences (from ‘Consequences’ (TW) (Book) – TWN*)
79. Asylum (TW) (Audio)
80. Golden Age (TW) (Audio)
81. The Dead Line (TW) (Audio)
82. Broken (TW) (Comic)

‘Stakes on a Plane’ (TW) (TWM)
‘I May Be Some Time’ (TW) (TWM)
‘They Keep Killing Andy’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ (TW) (TWM)

83. Fated To Pretend (TW) (Comic)

‘Happy New Year’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Photo Finish’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Postcards From The Rift’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Reflections’ (TW) (TWM)
‘The Package’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Ashes to Ashes’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Rift-Raff’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Lockdown’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Rare Earth’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Everything’s True’ (TW) (TWM)

84. Somebody Else’s Problem (TW) (Comic)

‘The Secret of Crow Island’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Red Handed’ (TW) (TWM)
‘Cultural Firsts’ (TW) (TWM)

85. Hell House (TW) (Comic)

‘The Mind’s Eye’ (TW) (TWM)
‘We All Go Through’ (TW) (TWM)

86. The Devil and Miss Carew (TW) (Audio)
87. Submission (TW) (Audio)
88. Ghost Train (TW) (Audio)
89. Department X (TW) (Audio)
90. Children of Earth (TW) (TV)

1. Day One
2. Day Two
3. Day Three
4. Day Four
5. Day Five

Captain Jack’s appearance in ‘The End of Time’ (TV) takes place here.
91. ‘One Enchanted Evening’ (from ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ (Audio)) takes place straight after ‘The End of Time’ (TV).

6. Torchwood (Series 4)

92. The House of the Dead (TW) (Audio)
93. First Born (TW) (Book/Audio) – TWN* 
94. Long Time Dead (TW) (Book/Audio) – TWN* 
95. The Men Who Sold The World (TW) (Book/Audio) – TWN* 
96. Miracle Day (TW) (TV)

1. The New World
2. Rendition
3. Dead of Night
4. Escape to L.A.
5. The Categories of Life
6. The Middle Men
7. Immortal Sins
8. End of the Road
9. The Gathering
10. The Blood Line

97. Army of One (TW) (Audio)
98. Fallout (TW) (Audio)
99. Red Skies (TW) (Audio)
100. Mr. Invincible (TW) (Audio)
101. Exodus Code (TW) (Book/Audio) – TWN*

Captain Jack’s ‘appearance’ in ‘Forgotten Lives’ (TW) (Audio) takes place four years after ‘Miracle Day’ (TW) (TV).

102. World Without End (TW) (Graphic Novel)
103. Station Zero (Comic)

7. Torchwood (Series 5)

104. Aliens Among Us (TW) (Audio)

1. Changes Everything
2. Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
3. Orr
4. Superiority Complex
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. TBA
8. TBA
9. TBA
10. TBA
11. TBA
12. TBA

8. The Face of Boe

The older Captain Jack scenes from ‘Month 25’ (from ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ (Audio)) takes place here before he becomes the Face of Boe.

The Face of Boe’s cameo in ‘The Long Game’ (TV) takes place here.

105. The End of the World (TV) 
106. New Earth (TV) 
107. Gridlock (TV)

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