The Brigadier’s Timeline


Here is ‘The Brigadier’s Timeline’.

I’ve referred to


to help me put this version of the timeline together.

I’ve included all the TV stories, audios; books; graphic novel/comics and the Puffin e-book ‘The Spear of Destiny’ into this list for now.

The (TV) and (Audio) stories are highlighted in BOLD and BURNT ORANGE.

The (Book) stories are to remain un-highlighted for now.

The short stories are highlighted in BURNT ORANGE and/or ITALICS; and are CENTRED.

Regarding the (Book) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

*VNA – Virgin New Adventures
*VMA – Virgin Missing Adventures
*EDA – Eighth Doctor Adventures
*PDA – Past Doctor Adventures
*NSA – New Series Adventures
*BB – BBC Books
*VB – Virgin Books
*CJB – Candy Jar Books

Please feel free to ask questions about this timeline, as I intend to revisit this and add new stories to the list as time goes on.

I’ve divided the timeline into 8 phases
1. The Brigadier’s Beginnings
2. The Brigadier in the 1960s
3. The Brigadier in the 1970s
4. The Brigadier in the 1980s
5. The Brigadier in the 1990s
6. The Brigadier in the 2000s
7. The Brigadier in the 2010s
8. The Brigadier in the 2050s

1. The Brigadier’s Beginnings

The Brigadier as a little boy from ‘The Warkeeper’s Crown’ (from ‘The Betrothal of Sontar’) (Graphic Novel) takes place here.
‘In His Kiss’ from ‘The HAVOC Files 2′ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place during the Brigadier’s childhood.

2. The Brigadier in the 1960s

1. The Web of Fear (TV)

‘The Ambush’ from ‘The HAVOC Files’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place during ‘The Web of Fear’ (TV).
‘Legacies’ from ‘The HAVOC Files’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place in alternative timeline two weeks after ‘The Web of Fear’ (TV)

2. The Forgotten Son (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB*
3. Top Secret Files! (L-S) (Book) – CJB*
4. The Schizoid Earth (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB*

‘The Cult of the Grinning Man’ from ‘The HAVOC Files’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place between ‘The Schizoid Earth’ (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB* and ‘Beast of Fang Rock’ (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB*.

5. Beast of Fang Rock (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB*

‘The Dogs of War’ from ‘The HAVOC Files’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place three days after ‘Beast of Fang Rock (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB*.

6. Mutually Assured Domination (L-S) (Book/Audio) – CJB*

‘The Fright Before Christmas’ from ‘The HAVOC Files’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place here.

7. Moon Blink (L-S) (Book) – CJB*

‘The Black Eggs of Khufu’ from ‘The HAVOC Files 2′ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place between the prologue and first chapter of ‘Moon Blink’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB*.

8. The Showstoppers (L-S) (Book) – CJB*
9. The Grandfather Infestation (L-S) (Book) – CJB*

10. The HAVOC Files 2 (L-S) (Book) – CJB*

2. House of Giants
6. The Band of Evil
7. The Playing Dead
8. Schädengeist’s Lot

9. Exodus from Venus

11. Times Squared (L-S) (Book) – CJB*
12. Blood of Atlantis (L-S) (Book) – CJB*
13. Mind of Stone (L-S) (Book) – CJB*

14. The XMAS Files 2 (L-S) (Book) – CJB*

1. The Feast of Evans
3. Home for Christmas

15. The Invasion (TV)

3. The Brigadier in the 1970s

16. Spearhead From Space (TV)
17. The Arkwood Experiments (TV Comic)
18. Vengeance of the Stones (DOTD) (Audio)
19. The Multi-Mobile (TV Comic)
20. Insect (TV Comic)
21. Undercover (TV Comic)
22. Doctor Who and the Silurians (TV)

‘Walls of Confinement’ (ST/Audio)
‘UNIT Christmas Parties: First Christmas’ (ST)

23. Old Soldiers (Audio)
24. Shadow of the Past (Audio)
25. The Ambassadors of Death (TV)

‘The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back’ (VD)

26. The Last Post (Audio)
27. Inferno (TV)

‘Ashes of the Inferno’ from ‘The HAVOC Files 2′ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place after ‘Inferno’ (TV).
‘Still Lives’ (ST)

28. The Fishmen of Carpantha (TV Comic)
29. Doctor Who and the Rocks from Venus (TV Comic)
30. The Eye of the Giant (Book) – VMA*
31. The Blue Tooth (Audio)
32. Binary (Audio)

‘The Science of Magic’ (ST)

33. The Scales of Injustice (Book/Audio) – VMA*
34. Castaway (TV Comic)
35. Levitation (TV Comic)
36. The Rings of Ikiria (Audio)
37. The Devil Goblins From Neptune (Book) – PDA*
38. Terror of the Autons (TV)

The prelude to ‘White Darkness’ (Book) – VNA* takes place here.

39. Deadly Reunion (Book) – PDA*

‘UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce’ (ST)

40. The Mind of Evil (TV)
41. The Claws of Axos (TV)
42. The Mega (Audio)
43. Colony In Space (TV)
44. The Daemons (TV)
45. The Doll of Death (Audio)

‘Degrees of Truth’ (ST/Audio)

46. Harvest of Time (Book/Audio) – BB*
47. The Magician’s Oath (Audio)

‘The Switching’ (ST/Audio)
‘Freedom’ (ST/Audio)

48. The Man in the Ion Mask (Comic)

‘The Forgotten’ (Comic) occurs here.

49. Day of the Daleks (TV)
50. Prisoners of the Lake (Audio)
51. Rags (Book) – PDA*
52. Verdigris (Book) – PDA*
53. Who Killed Kennedy (Book) – VB*
54. The Face of the Enemy (Book) – PDA*

‘Honest Living’ (ST)
‘The Eight Doctors’ (Book) – EDA* scenes featuring the Brigadier take place here.
‘The Other Woman’ (ST/Audio)
‘The Touch of the Nurazh’ (ST)

55. The Time Monster (TV)

‘Where the Heart Is’ (VD)

The Brigadier’s cameo appearance in ‘Find and Replace’ (Audio) takes place here.

56. The Three Doctors (TV)
57. The Scorchies (Audio)
58. The Heralds of Destruction (Graphic Novel)
59. The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (Audio)

‘Once upon a Time Machine’ (ST)
‘Hidden Talent’ (ST)
‘Time Tunnel’ (ST/Audio)
‘The Spear of Destiny’ (Puffin/Audio)

60. Dancing the Code (Book) – VMA*
61. Last of the Gaderene (Book/Audio) – PDA*
62. The Green Death (TV)
63. Deep Blue (Book) – PDA*
64. Council of War (Audio)

‘The One Second Hour’ (TV Action)
‘The Three Companions: The Brigadier’s Story’ (Audio) takes place here.

65. The Time Warrior (TV)
66. The Paradise of Death (Audio)
67. Invasion of the Dinosaurs (TV)

‘In With The Tide’ from ‘Prisoners of Time’ (Graphic Novel) takes place here.

68. The Ghosts of N-Space (Book/Audio) – VMA*

‘Signal S-O-S’ (TV Comic)
‘A Visit from Saint Nicholas’ (ST)

69. Island of Death (Book) – PDA*

‘An Overture Too Early’ (ST)

70. Planet of the Spiders (TV)
71. Robot (TV)
72. Terror of the Zygons (TV)

‘UNIT Christmas Parties: Ships That Pass’ (ST)
‘The Magic Box!’ (TV Comic)
‘UNITed We Fall’ (VD)

73. No Future (Book) – VNA*
74. Heart of TARDIS (Book) – PDA*

‘Mawdryn Undead’ (TV) (1977 scenes) take place here.

4. The Brigadier in the 1980s

75. ‘Mawdryn Undead’ (TV) (1983 scenes) take place here.

76. The Five Doctors (TV)

An unseen adventure with the Eighth Doctor and the Brigadier from ‘The Dying Days’ (Book) – VNA* takes place here.

77. Business Unusual (Book) – PDA*

5. The Brigadier in the 1990s

‘The Enfolded Time’ from ‘The HAVOC Files’ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place here.

78. Downtime (DVD/Book) – VMA*
79. Battlefield (TV)
80. Darkness, Falling (from ‘The Good Soldier’ (Graphic Novel))
81. The Dying Days (Book) – VNA*
82. The King of Terror (Book) – PDA*

6. The Brigadier in the 2000s

83. The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (Audio)
84. The Shadow in the Glass (Book/Audio) – PDA*
85. Minuet In Hell (Audio)
86. The Algebra of Ice (Book) – PDA*
87. The Coup (U) (Audio)
88. Time Heals (U) (Audio)
89. The Wasting (U) (Audio)
90. The Warkeeper’s Crown (from ‘The Betrothal of Sontar’ (Graphic Novel))
91. Death to the Doctor! (from ‘The Widow’s Curse’ (Graphic Novel))

The Brigadier’s narration of ‘Old Soldiers’ (Audio) takes place here.

92. Enemy of the Bane (SJA) (TV)

‘Liberty Hall’ (DVD) takes place here.

93. The Three Companions (Audio)
94. John Smith and the Common Men (from ‘The Blood of Azrael’ (Graphic Novel))

7. The Brigadier in the 2010s

95. Happy Endings (Book) – VNA*
96. The Shadows of Avalon (Book) – EDA*

‘The Gift’ (ST)
‘Faithful Friends, Part 1’ (ST)
‘Faithful Friends, Part 2’ (ST)
‘Faithful Friends, Part 3’ (ST)

‘The Lock-In’ from ‘The HAVOC Files 2′ (L-S) (Book) – CJB* takes place here.

‘Death in Heaven’ from 97. ‘Dark Water’/’Death In Heaven’ (TV) takes place here.*

The Brigadier and Doris meeting the Eighth Doctor in Cheldon Bonniface on Christmas Day, 2017 in ‘Not in My Back Yard’ (ST) occurs here.

8. The Brigadier in the 2050s

The Brigadier’s retirement home scenes in ‘The Shadow of Avalon’ (Book) – EDA* take place here.
The prelude to ‘Transit’ (Book) – VNA* takes place here.
The Brigadier’s death in ‘The Wedding of River Song’ (TV) takes place here.
The Brigadier’s funeral as seen in ‘Shroud of Sorrow’ (Book/Audio) – NSA* takes place here.

*Possibly a clone Brigadier according to Andrew J Brook on the Big Finish Forum SEE HERE

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