‘The Old Rogue’ (ST/Audio)



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‘The Old Rogue’ with the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9

This story is by John Grindrod. It features the Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K-9; and is read by Louise Jameson. I enjoyed this short story, as it does echo the Douglas Adams period of ‘Doctor Who’ from Season 17. It was a little confusing at first, but as the story progressed it got more interesting.

The Doctor, Romana and K-9 visit a café in Catford on Earth, run by a former destroyer of galaxies called Arkinen. The Doctor checks up on Arkinen to see how he is. Arkinen who’s inside the body of a human called Sid, knows the Doctor well and holds a grudge against him with ending his endeavours.

I enjoyed the humour that resonates throughout this story. Louise Jameson reads this tale amazingly well, although I don’t why it wasn’t Lalla Ward reading this tale. The story is taken from Arkinen’s point-of-view. He reflects on his role in human society, detesting being a prisoner and owning a café.

In the story, there’s a flashback scene featuring the Second Doctor and Jamie, where they stop Arkinen with his terrible spree of destroying galaxies. It’s an interesting scene and quite unusual to have a flashback scene with the Second Doctor and Jamie featured in this Fourth Doctor short story.

There are also references to Arkinen being visited by the Fifth Doctor and his companions (presumably Nyssa, Tegan and Adric) and by the Third Doctor and Jo. I like how the story ends with Arkinen being tempted to return to his old life and I found it funny when K-9 was told to go outside.

‘The Old Rogue’ rating – 8/10

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