The Twelfth Doctor’s Timeline

13. Twelve

Here is ‘The Twelfth Doctor’s Timeline’.

N.B. This is in working progress.

I’ve referred to


to help me put this version of the timeline together.

I’ve included all the TV stories, audios; books; graphic novel/comics and the Puffin e-book ‘Lights Out’ into this list for now.

The (TV) and (Audio) stories are highlighted in BOLD and RED VIOLET.

The (Book) stories are to remain un-highlighted for now.

The short stories are highlighted in RED VIOLET and/or ITALICS; and are CENTRED.

Regarding the (Book) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

*NSA – New Series Adventures
*BB – BBC Books

Please feel free to ask questions about this timeline, as I intend to revisit this and add new stories to the list as time goes on.

I’ve divided the timeline into 6 phases
1. The Twelfth Doctor with Clara (1) (Series 8)
2. The Twelfth Doctor with Clara (2) (Series 9)
3. The Twelfth Doctor Alone
4. The Twelfth Doctor with Brandon and Alex
5. The Twelfth Doctor with Nardole
6. The Twelfth Doctor with Bill and Nardole (Series 10)

1. The Twelfth Doctor with Clara (1) (Series 8)

The Twelfth Doctor’s introduction in ‘The Time of the Doctor’ (TV) takes place before ‘Deep Breath’ (TV).

1. Deep Breath (TV)

The Twelfth Doctor’s cameo in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (TV) takes place during ‘Deep Breath’ (TV).
‘Lights Out’ (Puffin/Audio)
‘The Mercy Seats’ (Scientific Secrets)

2. Into The Dalek (TV)

‘Road Rage’ (DWA Comic)
‘Chime Time’ (DWA Comic)

3. Silhouette (Book/Audio) – NSA*
4. Robot of Sherwood (TV)

‘Once Bitten’ (DWA Comic)
‘Crash Landing’ (DWA Comic)
‘All The Empty Towers’ (Scientific Secrets)

5. The Crawling Terror (Book/Audio) – NSA*
6. The Blood Cell (Book/Audio) – NSA*
7. Listen (TV)

The Twelfth Doctor’s appearance in ‘The Constant Doctor’ (Scientific Secrets) takes place here.
‘The Monsters of Coal Hill School’ (Annual)

8. Time Heist (TV)

‘When the Wolves Came (Annual Comic)
‘Freeze’ (Annual Comic)

9. The Eye of Torment (Graphic Novel)

1. The Eye of Torment
2. The Instruments of War
3. Blood and Ice

‘The Court of Birds’ (DWA Comic)
‘More than Meets the Eye’ (DWA Comic)
‘Witch Work’ (DWA Comic)

10. The Caretaker (TV)
11. Terrorformer (Comic)
12. The Swords of Kali (Comic)

‘Silver Mosquitoes’ (Scientific Secrets)
‘A Long-Way Down’ (TT)

13. Kill The Moon (TV)
14. Mummy On The Orient Express (TV)

‘Gift Snatched’ (DWA Comic)

15. Flatline (TV)
16. The Body Electric (Comic)
17. Fractures (Comic)
18. Gangland (Comic)
19. Into The Forest of the Night (TV)
20. Dark Water/Death In Heaven (TV)

2. The Twelfth Doctor with Clara (2) (Series 9)

21. Last Christmas (TV)

‘Petrified’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Wheelers’ (DWA Comic)
‘Five a Day’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Very Hungry Snake’ (DWA Comic)

22. Four Doctors (Comic)

‘Sunset Over Venus’ (Scientific Secrets)

23. Space Invaders! (Comic)
24. Blood and Ice (Comic)
25. Spirits of the Jungle (Comic)
26. The Highgate Horror (Comic)
27. The Dragon Lord (Comic)

‘Empire’s Fall’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Big Hush’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Giant’s Heart’ (DWA)
‘Doctor in a Bottle’ (DWA Comic)
‘Doctor on the Menu’ (DWA Comic)
‘Trust’ (DWA Comic)
‘Hyperballad’ (DWA Comic)
‘Beauty Sleep’ (DWA Comic)

28. Royal Blood (Book/Audio) – NSA*
29. Big Bang Generation (Book/Audio) – NSA*
30. Deep Time (Book/Audio) – NSA*
31. The Gods of Winter (Audio)
32. The House of Winter (Audio)
33. The Sins of Winter (Audio)
34. The Memory of Winter (Audio)
35. Selfie (Comic)
36. Unearthly Things (Comic)
37. The Hyperion Empire (Comic)

‘Prologue’ (TV) and ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’ (TV) take place before ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ (TV).

38. The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar (TV)
39. Clara Oswald and the School of Death (Comic)
40. Under The Lake/Before The Flood (TV)

‘Zorgo the Terrible’ (Annual Comic)
‘Super Gran’ (Annual Comic)

41. The Girl Who Died (TV)
42. The Woman Who Lived (TV)
43. The Highgate Horror (Graphic Novel)

1. Space Invaders!
2. Spirits of the Jungle
3. The Highgate Horror
4. Dragon Lord
5. Theatre of the Mind
6. Witch Hunt

‘Time and PR in Space’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Ministry of Time’ (DWA Comic)
‘Big in Japan’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Persistence of Memory’ (Penguin/Audio)

44. The Fourth Wall (Comic)
45. The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion (TV)
46. Sleep No More (TV)
47. Relative Dimensions (Comic)
48. Face The Raven (TV)
49. Heaven Sent (TV)
50. Hell Bent (TV)

3. The Twelfth Doctor Alone

‘The Spice Route’ (DWA Comic)
‘Ghosts of the Sea’ (DWA Comic)
‘Shock Horror’ (DWA Comic)
‘Sky Manor’ (DWA Comic)

51. Robo Rampage (Comic)
52. The Stockbridge Showdown (from ‘The Highgate Horror’ (Graphic Novel))

‘Petals’ (DWA Comic)
‘Gallery’ (DWA Comic)
‘Pirates of Vourakis’ (DWA Comic)
‘From the Horse’s Mouth’ (DWA Comic)
‘Fear Buds’ (DWA Comic)
‘Royal Wedding’ (DWA Comic)
‘Night of the Worm’ (DWA Comic)
‘Wings of the Predator’ (DWA Comic)

53. The Long Con (Comic)
54. Supremacy of the Cybermen (Comic)
55. The Twist (Comic)
56. Playing House (Comic)

‘Elephant in the Room’ (Annual)
‘The Promise’ (Annual)

57. For Tonight We Might Die (C) (TV)
58. Terror of the Cabinet Noir (Comic)
59. Invasion of the Mindmorphs (Comic)

4. The Twelfth Doctor with Brandon and Alex

60. The Lost Angel (Audio)
61. The Lost Planet (Audio)
62. The Lost Magic (Audio)
63. The Lost Flame (Audio)

5. The Twelfth Doctor with Nardole

64. The Husband of River Song (TV)

The flashback scenes from ‘Extremis’ (TV) with the Twelfth Doctor ‘executing’ Missy take place here.

65. The Return of Doctor Mysterio (TV)
66. Ghost Stories (Graphic Novel)

6. The Twelfth Doctor with Bill and Nardole (Series 10)

67. The Pilot (TV)
68. Smile (TV)
69. Thin Ice (TV)
70. The Shining Man (Book/Audio) – NSA*
71. Diamond Dogs (Book/Audio) – NSA*
72. Knock Knock (TV)
73. Oxygen (TV)
74. Extremis (TV)
75. The Pyramid at the End of the World (TV)
76. The Lie of the Land (TV)
77. Plague City (Book/Audio) – NSA*
78. Empress of Mars (TV)
79. The Eaters of Light (TV)
80. World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls (TV)
81. TBA (Christmas Special 2017) (TV) 

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