The Cybermen’s Timeline


Here is ‘The Cybermen’s Timeline’.

I’ve referred to


to help me put this version of the timeline together.

I’ve included all the TV stories, audios; books; graphic novel/comics and adventure games into this list for now.

The (TV); (Audio) and (Adventure Game) stories are highlighted in SKY BLUE.

The (Book) stories are to remain un-highlighted for now.

The short stories are highlighted in SKY BLUE and/or ITALICS; and are CENTRED.

The stories with links to reviews by me on my blog are highlighted in BOLD and SKY BLUE.

Regarding the (Book) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

*VNA – Virgin New Adventures
*VMA – Virgin Missing Adventures
*PDA – Past Doctor Adventures
*NSA – New Series Adventures
*QR – Quick Reads

Regarding the (Audio) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

**BAB – BBC Audio Book
**BFAD – Big Finish Audio Drama
**BFAB – Big Finish Audio Book

Please feel free to ask questions about this timeline, as I intend to revisit this and add new stories to the list as time goes on.

I’ve divided the timeline into 14 phases
1. Mondasian Beginnings
2. ‘The Invasion’ Cybermen
3. Move To Telos
4. Cyberman
5. 21st Century
6. Cyber Wars
7. ‘Earthshock’ Cybermen
8. ‘Real Time’ Cybermen
9. ‘Silver Nemesis’ Cybermen

10. Bernice Summerfield
11. Pete’s World Cybermen
12. Mondas/‘The Age of Steel’ Cybermen
13. ‘Nightmare in Silver’ Cybermen
14. Flood Cybermen

1. Mondasian Beginnings

1. The World Shapers (from ‘The World Shapers’ (Graphic Novel))
2. Spare Parts (Audio) – BFAD**

The Mondasian Cybermen’s appearance in ‘World Enough and Time’/’The Doctor Falls’ (TV) takes place here.

3. The Cybermen (Comic)
4. The Good Soldier (from ‘The Good Soldier’ (Graphic Novel))
5. The Silver Turk (Audio) – BFAD**

The 1984 scene on Mondas from ‘The Reaping’ (Audio) – BFAD** takes place here.

6. The Tenth Planet (TV)
7. The Coming of the Cybermen (TV Comic)
8. Flower Power (TV Comic)
9. Cyber-Mole (TV Comic)
10. The Cyber Empire (TV Comic)
11. Eskimo Joe (TV Comic)
12. Masquerade (TV Comic)
13. The Time Museum (TV Comic)
14. The Champion (TV Comic)
15. Test Flight (TV Comic)

16. Junkyard Demon (from ‘Dragon’s Claw’ (Graphic Novel))

2. ‘The Invasion’ Cybermen

18. The Invasion (TV)
19. The Isos Network (Audio) – BFAB**
20. Iceberg (Book) – VNA*
21. Last of the Cybermen (Audio) – BFAD**
22. The Blue Tooth (Audio) – BFAB**

The Cybermen’s cameo in ‘Carnival of Monsters’ (TV) takes place here.

23. Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman (Comic)

24. Black Legacy (Comic)

25. Human Resources (Audio) – BFAD**
26. The Girl Who Never Was (Audio) – BFAD**

3. Move To Telos

27. The Moonbase (TV)
28. Deathworld (Comic)
29. The Tomb of the Cybermen (TV)

The events of 30. ‘Return to Telos’ (Audio) – BFAD** take place here.

4. Cyberman

31. Kingdom of Silver (Audio) – BFAD**

‘Keepsake’ (Audio) – BFAD** is connected to ‘Kingdom of Silver’ (Audio) – BFAD**.

32. Sword of Orion (Audio) – BFAD**
33. Scorpus (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
34. Fear (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
35. Conversion (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
36. Telos (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
37. Outsiders (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
38. Terror (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
39. Machines (C) (Audio) – BFAD**
40. Extinction (C) (Audio) – BFAD**

5. 21st Century

41. The Wheel in Space (TV)
42. Illegal Alien (Book/Audio) – PDA*+BAB**
43. Legend of the Cybermen (Audio) – BFAD**

6. Cyber Wars

44. Revenge of the Cybermen (TV)
45. Killing Ground (Book) – VMA*

7. ‘Earthshock’ Cybermen

46. Earthshock (TV)

The Cybermen’s cameo in ‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ (Audio) – BFAD** takes place during ‘Earthshock’ (TV).

47. The Five Doctors (TV)

‘Birth of a Renegade’ (RT Special)

48. Attack of the Cybermen (TV)
49. The Reaping (Audio) – BFAD**
50. The Gathering (Audio) – BFAD**
51. Exodus/Revelation!/Genesis! (from ‘The World Shapers’ Graphic Novel))

52. The Hour of the Cybermen (Audio) – BFAD**

53. The Ultimate Adventure (Audio) – BFAD**

54. Destiny of the Doctors (Video Game)

8. ‘Real Time’ Cybermen

55. Dreadnought (Comic)
56. Real Time (Webcast/Audio) – BFAD**

9. ‘Silver Nemesis’ Cybermen

57. Silver Nemesis (TV)
58. The Harvest (Audio) – BFAD**

‘Vrs’ (ST)

10. Bernice Summerfield

59. Silver Lining (BS) (Audio) – BFAD**
60. The Crystal of Cantus (BS) (Audio) – BFAD**

11. Pete’s World Cybermen

‘Tardisode 5’ (Webcast) occurs before ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ (TV) and ‘Tardisode 6’ (Webcast) occurs before ‘The Age of Steel’ (TV).  

61. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (TV)

‘Tardisode 13’ (Webcast) occurs during ‘Doomsday’ (TV).

62. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (TV)
63. Cyberwoman (TW) (TV)
64. Made of Steel (Book) – QR*

‘Going Off the Rails’ (DW File)

65. The Next Doctor (TV)

12. Mondas/‘The Age of Steel’ Cybermen

66. Blood of the Cybermen (Adventure Game)

The Cybermen’s appearance in ‘The Pandorica Opens’ from 67. ‘The Pandorica Opens’/’The Big Bang’ (TV) takes place here.

68. Conversion (Comic)

The Cybermen’s appearance in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ (TV) takes place here.

69. Closing Time (TV)
70. Assimilation2 (Graphic Novel)
71. Plague of the Cybermen (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
72. The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who (Comic)

‘The Age of Steel’ Cybermen’s appearance in ‘World Enough and Time’/’The Doctor Falls’ (TV) takes place here.

13. ‘Nightmare in Silver’ Cybermen

73. Nightmare in Silver (TV)
74. The Time of the Doctor (TV)

75. Cyber-Reality (U) (Audio) – BFAD**

1. Game Theory
2. Telepresence
3. Code Silver
Master of Worlds

76. Dark Water/Death in Heaven (TV)

The ‘Nightmare in Silver’ Cybermen’s appearance in ‘World Enough and Time’/’The Doctor Falls’ (TV) takes place here.

14. Flood Cybermen

77. The Flood (from ‘The Flood’ Graphic Novel))

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2 thoughts on “The Cybermen’s Timeline

  1. Thanks Omega

    Fair dos, my placement of ‘World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls’ was temporary. I’ll amend it now for the Mondasian Cybermen. I’ll also do the same for Age of Steel and Nightmare in Silver Cybermen.

    Tim. 🙂


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