All Creatures Great and Small

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Welcome to the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is the BBC drama series where I was first introduced to Peter Davison before seeing him in ‘Doctor Who’. Ironically, it was what Peter Davison did before he starred in ‘Doctor Who’. It’s a series about vets in the 1930s/40s/50s, based on the books by British veterinary surgeon, James Herriot.

The series lasted for seven seasons spreading across from 1977 to 1990. It stars Christopher Timothy as James Herriot with Robert Hardy as Siegfried Farnon and Peter Davison as Tristan Farnon. It also stars Carol Drinkwater and subsequently Lynda Bellingham who played Helen, James Herriot’s wife.

I first saw this series in 2003 when my Dad purchased the initial DVD releases of ‘All Creatures’ including Seasons 1 and 2. We now have the complete ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series in a lavish DVD box set. If you’re a Peter Davison fan, then you should definitely check out this TV series.

I’ll be re-watching and reviewing this TV series as I go through each episode of the seven seasons in ‘All Creatures’. Please feel free to check out; read and comment on my reviews for each episode. The list for my ‘All Creatures’ reviews is below. Click on the links below to check out and read my reviews.

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2 thoughts on “All Creatures Great and Small

  1. Williams Fan 92

    Hello Tim

    I just thought I’d comment on this page to give you my thoughts on the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ franchise since the first episode of series 2 of the remake airs tonight. I have watched all 4 versions of the adventures of James Herriot those being the novels, the film, the BBC tv series and the Channel 5 tv series.

    I know you said you haven’t seen the film yet, but have you read the original novels?

    Both tv shows are as good as each other. The BBC series has a great deal of cast members, some of which have been in Doctor Who and it’s not just Peter Davison and Lynda Bellingham. There’s also been Michael Sheard, Annie Lambert and especially Patrick Troughton. Any I’ve missed out? There have also been Doctor Who crew members that have worked on the series and it’s not just Johnny Byrne but also John-Nathan Turner and Terence Dudley.

    Could you imagine if Sarah Sutton had appeared in the series. She wasn’t but that’s made up for in that she loves the series. I wonder if Janet Fielding has watched the series.

    The Channel 5 series is joyous as well. The cast capture the characters nicely there as well. I hope the second series delivers like the first series did. Callum Woodhouse did an interview in last weeks RadioTimes and apparently Siegfried will be in a dilemma about wether to tell Tristan that he lied about him passing his exams.

    Take care, WF92.

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    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi WF92,

      Yes, the first episode of Series 2 of new ‘All Creatures’ is on this evening at 9pm on Channel 5. I’m looking forward to that. I’ve only seen the original 1978-90 BBC TV series and the current 2020 Channel 5 series. I’ve yet to see the film and read the books. Hopefully I will check the film and books out someday. Hopefully the books are avaliable to read via Kindle.

      I’m glad I reviewed the original 1978-90 series from 2018 to 2020 before the 2020 series came along. I didn’t think I would do more ‘All Creatures’ reviews after checking out the original show. 😀

      I know that Sarah Sutton loves the original ‘All Creatures’ show and she said it in the April Fools sketch we did together back in 2019. I wish Sarah did appear in ‘All Creatures’ as she would be amazing in the series. Maybe Janet Fielding has seen ‘All Creatures’ with Peter Davison. I’m not sure.

      Definitely looking forward to the first episode of Series 2 of new ‘All Creatures’ this evening. I hope James and Helen will get together by the end of Series 2.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim 🙂

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