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I want to point out straight away that this ‘All Creatures’ episode doesn’t have Peter Davison as Tristan in it. I had hoped for Series 7 to be a full-on ‘All Creatures’ TV season with no Tristan absences.

Actually, there is a reason why Tristan’s not this episode. He’s gone to London to see the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Hopefully Trist will defeat the Wire from ‘The Idiot’s Lantern’ there.

This Series 7 ‘All Creatures’ episode is by Sam Snape and it’s directed by Steve Goldie! ‘Out With The New’ happens to be Sam Snape’s second ‘All Creatures’ episode after he did ‘Knowin’ How To Do It’.

The episode is also the second one to be directed by Steve Goldie. He previously directed the fourth Series 7 episode ‘A Friend For Life’. I’m very glad his ‘All Creatures’ title sequence is back in this one.

Although Tristan’s absent, the title sequence still has Robert Hardy, Christopher Timothy, Lynda Bellingham and Jean Heywood. I hope Tristan will return for Steve Goldie’s final ‘All Creatures’ story.

The episode’s plot has everyone in Darrowby prepare for the Queen’s coronation. James and Helen’s children prepare for a school pageant to honour the coronation. And my goodness, they’ve changed!

It has been a while since we last saw Jimmy and Rosie. I wondered what had become of them. I didn’t expect them to grow up quickly since last time as Paul Lyon is Jimmy and Alison Lewis is Rosie.

I know kids grow up but I remember Jimmy and Rosie being smaller compared to last time. How much has passed between the time we saw them? We still haven’t seen Siegfried’s wife and kids yet!

Anyway, Rosie is set to play the princess in the school pageant. Jimmy isn’t keen to be in the pageant as he’s set to play the Archbishop. He thinks that his cloak makes him look a sissy. I don’t know why.

I also found Jimmy rather mean to his sister. I know brothers and sister tend to get on each other’s nerves, but…come on! Show some brotherly love to your sister why don’t you, Jimmy?! Just once!!!!

He even gets on Rosie’s nerves when she comes down with the flu. Yeah in the episode, when they’re rehearsing a bit in the Herriots’ house earlier, Rosie starts coughing as she plays the princess.

She’s soon put to bed by her parents when she sounds bad. Rosie’s upset because she was looking forward to playing the princess in the pageant. She’s very afraid that she won’t get to play it after all.

As James and Helen reassure Rosie she’ll get better before the pageant occurs, it doesn’t seem the medicine provided for her by the doctor is helping. James says it’ll take time, but time’s running out.

When Helen meets Mrs. Alton in the Skeldale kitchen, she’s given a special kind of medicine that Mrs. Alton swears by. Mrs. Alton says it can cure anything. Helen hopes this will work for dear Rosie.

James isn’t certain Mrs. Alton’s medicine will work and suggests waiting a little longer for the other medicine for Rosie to kick in. Helen gets impatient especially since it is getting closer for the big day.

Soon, Helen uses Mrs. Alton’s medicine on Rosie. Rosie soon recovers rather quickly. James doesn’t even realise his daughter’s getting better towards the coronation day. Helen does not tell him either.

Okay, I suppose he figured it out eventually when he suggests using Mrs. Alton’s medicine on Rosie, very much to Helen’s surprise. But there isn’t a scene where he finds out Helen has given it to Rosie.

I kind of knew the plot was going to end up like that with Rosie getting better because of Mrs. Alton’s wonder medicine instead of the other stuff. But it isn’t made clear Helen told James about it.

Going back to Jimmy, he happens to have a bit of crush on the girl Judy Brooke as Susie Thornton. Susie Thornton has been in ‘All Creatures’ before. She was in that Series 6 episode ‘The New World’.

Susie compliments Jimmy on the Archbishop costume he’s wearing and even helps to hand back his Archbishop hat when he drops it in the pageant. I did find that quite sweet as I watched this episode.

It was also amusing Jimmy claimed to see Tristan in London when he and the family with Siegfried watched the coronation on TV at Skeldale House. I couldn’t see Tristan when I watched the episode.

Thankfully this isn’t the only Series 7 episode to feature Jimmy and Rosie Herriot played by Paul Lyon and Alison Lewis. They return for one more Series 7 episode, but not the final Christmas Special. (?!)

Sadly, Susie Thornton doesn’t return in the next episode with Jimmy and Rosie in it. It’s a shame that as it means the crush Jimmy had on Rosie didn’t go anywhere. That seems like a missed opportunity.

Staying with Susie Thornton, Siegfried tries to save a sick sheep she keeps. Siegfried tries every cure he can come up with. Nothing works though. Eventually, Siegfried tries making this herbal remedy. 🙂

Now this is an intriguing part of the episode. Siegfried has a go at something he’s never done before – concocting some herbal remedy from reading a book. Even though this gets the saucepans messy!

Whilst Mrs. Alton disapproves of Siegfried’s concocting a herbal remedy, he at least tries to find a way to save a sick sheep by herbal means. For a while, this concoction by Siegfried seems to work. 🙂

But soon, the herbal remedy fails. Susie’s sheep becomes sick again. Eventually, Susie’s sheep dies. Siegfried is very apologetic about this but Susie understands and knows that he’d done his very best.

It’s interesting how these situations get presented where Siegfried comes up with an inspired idea to save an animal yet fails in the end. At least he tried. I did expect him to save that sheep in the end. 😦

Earlier on, James is curious about Siegfried looking for plant leaves to make his herbal remedy for Susie’s sheep. Ordinary, James would do something like that. Very intriguing how Siegfried tries at it!

Meanwhile, James has to attend to a dog belonging to Ruth Kettlewell as Mrs. Coates. Well actually; it was Siegfried who was attending to Mrs. Coates’ dog before he passed the responsibility to James.

The dog happens to be named Wolfie. Gosh, that reminds me of another Wolfie I know on ‘The Divergent Universe’ forum. 😀 Joking aside, Wolfie is a dog that lives up to his name. He does woof!!!

As James attends to Wolfie’s health, the dog tends to wag his tail. James believes it to be a sign that Wolfie’s happy. But in actual fact Wolfie gets excitable. In an instant, Wolfie begins to bark at James!

It was tense when Wolfie barked right up at James before Mrs. Coates got to tame him. Thankfully, Wolfie’s bark being worse than his bite may prove essential in the lives of a very old married couple!

Nearby Mrs. Coates, James attends to the welfare of a cat belonging to Michael Bilton as Mr. Hart and Veda Warwick as Mrs. Hart. I’ve seen Michael Bilton before in an episode of ‘Terry and June’. 😀

Michael Bilton also happens to have been in the ‘Doctor Who’ stories ‘The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve’, ‘Pyramids of Mars’ and ‘The Deadly Assassin’. He was also in ‘Dad’s Army’ once.

Mr. and Mrs. Hart happen to be a nice friendly couple when James meets them. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Harts are the victims of thieves who take advantage of Darrowby’s elderly residents here. 😦

These thieves happen to be Joss Brook as Simon and Nick Timothy as Paul. I’ve seen Joss Brook before in Series 4, Episode 1 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. He played Eustace, a cousin of Bertie Wooster’s!

I’m surprised his brother Jeremy Brook wasn’t in the episode. The thieves could’ve been twins. (clears throat) Anyway, these two thieves Simon and Paul win their way to Mrs. Hart in the episode.

Simon distracts Mrs. Hart with polite conversation whilst Paul is nicking things inside. After this has happened, Mr. and Mrs. Hart are very upset. They’re unable to pay up the bill for their cat to James.

They explain to James what has happened regarding the rotten thieves. James tells them not to worry about it, suggesting they pay him when they can. I’m glad James is sympathetic to these two.

Thankfully the two crooks do get their comeuppance. This is when they try to woo their way to Mrs. Coates with her dog Wolfie. Simon tries to distract Mrs. Coates whilst Paul is nicking things from her.

Simon makes the mistake of stroking Wolfie and causing his tail to wag. Very soon, Wolfie lashes out at both Simon and Paul before they make their escape as it reveals their true identity to Mrs. Coates.

Mrs. Coates sets Wolfie onto them as they run to escape in their car. Thankfully Wolfie manages to get Simon’s jacket off of him in order to recover the wallet with the Harts’ stolen money inside it. 😀

This occurs as James turns up in his car. I’m glad Wolfie managed to save the day in the end. Although James didn’t get to see the two crooks’ car registration number, Simon’s jacket is evidence.

Later on, during the coronation celebrations, whilst James and Helen watch their children star in their pageant, Siegfried watches the coronation on TV at Skeldale. He hopes to have a quiet evening.

Sadly this is interrupted when John Evitts as Gibson phones Siegfried to help him with an expectant cow that’s about to give labour. Siegfried has been helping Gibson and his cow throughout this story.

It is amusing how fixated Siegfried’s become on his TV screen. Even when the phone rings and Siegfried’s reluctant to answer it, he’s still fixated on the TV going into the hall to answer the phone.

Before everybody goes out, Siegfried tries to get his TV to work when it’s on the blink. Mrs. Alton suggests listening to the coronation on the wireless. Thankfully Siegfried does get the TV to work. 😀

Siegfried leaves the Skeldale TV on whilst he goes out to attend to Gibson’s house. Everyone else including the Harts, Mrs. Coates and an attentive Wolfie watch the Queen’s coronation on their TVs.

It’s ironic to see the birth of a calf from Gibson’s cow as Siegfried attends to the operation whilst the Queen’s coronation’s taking place. A symbol of birth and a crowning of a monarch at the same time!

‘Out With The New’ is another enjoyable ‘All Creatures’ episode, featuring an interesting new take on James and Helen’s children now grown-up. It’s also interesting it features the Queen’s coronation. 😀

‘Out With The New’ rating – 8/10

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