‘Call the Midwife’, Series 1, Episode 3 (TV)


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It’s time for the third episode of Series 1 of ‘Call the Midwife’. This has a lovely story featuring Jenny who befriends an old soldier as well as an interesting story about a man becoming a father of a baby.

Before seeing the episode, my Dad told me that Roy Hudd was in this episode. I know Roy Hudd for being a ‘Dad’s Army’ fan and even played Bud Flanagan in ‘We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story’. 🙂

I’ve also heard Roy Hudd in the ‘Doctor Who’ audio drama ‘Pier Pressure’ with Colin Baker. It was good to see Roy Hudd in ‘Call the Midwife’ and his story with Jessica Raine’s Jenny Lee was touching.

In the episode, Jenny is given district nursing duties by Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne to attend to Roy Hudd as Joe Collett. He lives alone in a squalid tenement flat and he has these ulcers on his legs.

I like how the friendship is formed between Jenny and Joe in the episode. Despite the terrible conditions Joe’s in – Jenny sees insects on her first visit to Joe’s – their friendship shines throughout.

Jenny sort-of looks after Joe when taking him out to attend an old soldiers’ gathering in Poplar. Joe also shares anecdotes to Jenny, to which she listens to. She grows fond of him as the tale progresses.

This episode also has George Rainsford as Jimmy; an old flame of Jenny’s who’s currently homeless. I’ve heard George Rainsford in the ‘Doctor Who’ audio story ‘The Burning Prince’ with Peter Davison.

Intriguing how Jimmy is introduced since he throws pebbles at Jenny’s bedroom window to let him in. Jimmy asks Jenny to sleep one night at Nonnatus House. He’s allowed to sleep in the boiler room.

Eventually the nights become more and Jenny finds is a struggle to keep Jimmy secret from the others working at Nonnatus House. Jimmy is a nice enough chap but it’s not so clear who he is really.

In fact, hints of Jenny’s background get touched on. She seems to keep things private. She doesn’t share what goes on for her personal life, not wanting it to affect her in terms of her work as a nurse.

Jenny does allow Jimmy to accompany her and help with taking Joe to an army reunion. There’s also an instance where Jimmy is seen with Jenny by Sister Julienne and he is invited to lunch at Nonnatus.

The lunch does seem to go well with friendly chatter between the nurses, the nuns, Jimmy and Jenny. It does go pear-shaped when Jimmy makes a poor joke about Jenny’s private life in the story.

The situation with Joe the soldier escalates when flats are shortly getting demolished and are considered uninhabitable. Jenny visits Joe one day and finds his flat empty, to which she is surprised.

Thankfully she manages to find Joe when he’s ended up in a care home that’s rather inefficient. Eventually he ends up in hospital and sadly dies to which Jenny is utterly upset by in the tale here. 😦

I admit I was tearful by the time we got to Joe’s funeral and Jenny is the only one in attendance. It’s revealed that Joe left a few of his belongings to Jenny. Jenny also forgives Jimmy by this story’s end.

This episode also has Helen George as Trixie and Byrony Hannah attending to a middle-aged couple – Tessa Churchard as Winnie and John Aston as Ted. Winnie is about to have a baby. This is a surprise.

Ted is excited about having a baby in his and Winnie’s second marriage. But Winnie isn’t so keen about the baby’s birth. She even gets unreasonably bad-tempered when Ted is trying to support her.

When attending to Winnie’s baby, Trixie and Cynthia see what the reason is. The baby that Winnie has…is actually black. Surprisingly, Ted takes it rather well and is forgiving when Winnie has her son.

The episode also Miranda Hart as Chummy finding herself smitten with Ben Caplan as PC Peter Noakes. Pam Ferris as Sister Evangelina ends up being the matchmaker for Chummy and PC Noakes.

Cliff Parisi as Fred finds himself getting into a dodgy toffee apples business in the episode. Stephen McGann also appears as Dr. Turner. He helps out with Winnie’s birth arranged by Trixie and Cynthia.

This ‘Call the Midwife’ episode is very good and has a lovely performance by Rod Hudd as Joe the old soldier. I liked the story he has with Jenny and it’s so intriguing how that black baby birth turned out.

‘Series 1, Episode 3’ rating – 8/10

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