‘Call the Midwife’, Series 1, Episode 4 (TV)


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This ‘Call the Midwife’ episode has one of our main characters attending to a severely ill patient. It also features a subplot where a baby gets stolen. It was quite an emotional gripping episode indeed.

The episode begins with Jessica Raine as Jenny attending to Emma Noakes as Shirley Redmond. Shirley has her baby – a little girl whom she and her husband Tom Colley as Ron name her as Gillian.

Pam Ferris also Sister Evangelina also helps with the proceedings in attending to Shirley’s baby. Sister Evangelina has become more likeable in the series and attended to Shirley Redmond before. 🙂

It’s intriguing how Jenny, by this point in the series, has become settled to work in the East End for some time. There are still challenges to overcome, but she’s happy in her work to help other woman.

The episode also features new married couple Tom Goodman-Hill as David Jones and Thomasin Rand as Margaret Jones. Margaret is a violinist as well as pregnant. She and David seem happily married. 🙂

I’ve seen Tom Goodman-Hill before as he was in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’ with David Tennant. Thankfully he doesn’t turn into a giant wasp and kill people in this tale. 😀

Margaret however begins to show signs of illness when she goes to see a midwife at the local clinic in Poplar. Bryony Hannah as Cynthia attends to her briefly, only for Margaret to leave shortly after. 😦

This is due to Margaret being upset by some woman who was rather insulting to her and others as well as mistreating her own kids. Margaret met Shirley Redmond briefly whilst she was at that clinic.

Eventually, when David drives Margaret in their car, she suffers eclampsia. It’s a life-threatening complication to pregnancy apparently. It was very frightening when Margaret go into shock like that.

David manages to get help from Cynthia and Helen George as Trixie who cycle nearby. They get Margaret to the hospital, but sadly it’s too late for the baby since it dies. It was too small once born.

Margaret is also unconscious once the baby’s been born, having gone into a coma. The episode allows for Cynthia’s character to develop when she interacts with David during this distressing time.

Cynthia sees how devoted David is to his wife. Even when David has to let her wife go as she’s clearly not getting better, she’s still devoted to her. Cynthia finds this process so difficult to follow through.

I like the scenes Cynthia shares with Jenny on how to cope with the difficult situation. I like how the episode ended for Cynthia receiving a present from David to thank her for all the help she has given.

Going back to Shirley and Ron Redmond, disaster strikes when they have their baby stolen. Panic ensues as police officers in Poplar are on the hunt for who may have stolen the precious baby Gillian.

It was interesting to see how Shirley comes to the loss of her baby being stolen. She’s in shock for quite a time. Sister Evangelina tries to get through to her and thankfully Jenny gets to Shirley to talk.

Eventually, Jenny finds out who has stolen Shirley and Ron’s baby. It happens to be Amy McAllister as Mary, the Irish prostitute girl who was in Series 1, Episode 2. I didn’t think that we’d see her again.

It’s intriguing to see how the consequences of what happened to Mary in that episode get touched upon here with her stealing the Redmonds’ baby. Jenny gets through to Mary to give the baby back.

It’s also intriguing how Jenny persuades Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne as well as Sister Evangelina to ask for leniency on Mary’s behalf before the police prosecute. Ron isn’t willing but Shirley agrees.

I liked it when we had the energetic ballroom scenes with characters including Jenny, Trixie and Cynthia as well as Miranda Hart as Chummy, George Rainsford as Jimmy and Ben Caplan as PC Peter Noakes.

There’s an intriguing scene in the episode where Laura Main as Sister Bernadette takes off her sister’s habit privately in her room at Nonnatus House. This is pretty intriguing foreshadowing here! 🙂

The fourth episode of Series 1 has been pretty good. It was emotionally dramatic for Cynthia’s character in a traumatic case and it was fascinating how a plot from Episode 2 continued in this one.

‘Series 1, Episode 4’ rating – 8/10

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