‘Call the Midwife’, Series 2, Episode 2 (TV)


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Here we are on the second episode of Series 2 for ‘Call the Midwife’. And let me tell you, I found this one a really emotionally-charged episode especially for Bryony Hannah’s character of Cynthia Miller.

In the episode, Cynthia gets to deliver the baby of Kirsty J. Curtis as Irene Kelly. Thankfully the delivery was a success and everyone is happy that Irene had a baby boy. I was pleased about this too.

But tragedy strikes the next day when Irene’s new born son dies tragically in unexplained circumstances. Cynthia does everything she can to save the baby, but it’s far too late. It’s pretty sad.

The Nonnatus community gets shaken up about it and Cynthia is pretty affected, believing it to be her own fault. The rest of the Nonnatus midwifery team support Cynthia whilst she is feeling so low.

But as the episode progresses, Cynthia comes under intense security from the police who question her. She insists that she did everything she could to save the child whilst she’s being questioned here.

As the post mortem is underway, the pregnant women of Poplar become mistrustful of Cynthia whilst she continues her duties. It causes Cynthia to lose confidence in herself more and doubt herself.

When Cynthia gets sent on a call to an expectant mother, she soon goes into a panic, questioning her own abilities. She doesn’t want to re-live the terrible experience and fail to deliver another baby.

Soon, she cycles away, phoning Helen George as Trixie to do the delivery of the mother’s new baby instead. Trixie does of course before returning to find Cynthia has not returned to Nonnnatus House.

Everyone goes out in search for Cynthia within the Poplar area. Thankfully, Jessica Raine as Jenny manages to find Cynthia and reassures her about her abilities as midwife and that it wasn’t her fault.

I like how this episode focuses on Cynthia’s character since most of the focus has been on Jenny in the series. I like how the tale explores Cynthia’s insecurities and how she overcame them by the end.

Thankfully, when the results of the post-mortem come in, Cynthia has been exonerated. I like how Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner and Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne break the good news to Cynthia.

It’s still sad when the Kelly family have the funeral of the new baby boy called Thomas, but at least Cynthia’s there to support them at the end. I found those moments to be emotionally touching here.

Jenny also reunites with her friend George Rainsford as Jimmy in the episode. Jenny seems quite happy to see Jimmy again and is hoping to see more of him whilst he stays in Poplar for some time. 🙂

Unfortunately, Jenny gets rather a surprise when she finds him engaged to a girl he doesn’t love and is marrying her because he got her pregnant. I was quite surprised to see that watching this episode.

I like how Jenny and Jimmy meet each other afterwards to discuss the situation. Jimmy shares how much he loved Jenny during Series 1 as Jenny reassures him she’ll always be there for him if needed.

The episode also features Miranda Hart as Chummy and Ben Caplan as PC Noakes about to make plans for moving to Sierra Leone in Africa. This is because Chummy wants to become a missionary. 😐

But in order to ensure they get to go to Africa, Noakes has to go for a physical and he isn’t confident he’s going to pass. Thankfully he’s helped by Cliff Parisi as Fred and Pam Ferris as Sister Evangelina. 🙂

Chummy becomes concerned when she hears that Noakes is about to have a medical and she comes to think she’s been selfish in her own ambitions. Noakes reassures her that he will join her to Africa.

Thankfully, Noakes passes his medical and Chummy does her missionary training. Soon, Chummy and Noakes say farewell to everybody in the Nonnatus family…and we don’t see the two for a while.

Yeah! It’s odd Chummy and Noakes won’t be in Series 2 for a while. Hopefully we’ll see them again soon. Incidentally, there is a nice scene with Dr. Turner and Laura Main’s Sister Bernadette in this. 🙂

Series 2, Episode 2 of ‘Call the Midwife’ has been a pretty good, emotionally-charged episode, especially for Cynthia’s character. My Mum found this episode so emotional in more ways than one.

‘Series 2, Episode 2’ rating – 9/10

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