‘Call the Midwife’, Series 2, Episode 3 (TV)


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Here’s another intriguing and dramatic ‘Call the Midwife’ episode from Series 2. It has two subplots going on. One is about Jenny and her friendship with Jimmy as well as featuring two identical sisters.

In the Jenny subplot, Jessica Raine as Jenny gets seconded to the short-staffed London Hospital. This is an intriguing journey for Jenny who works at a London hospital compared to working as a midwife.

At the hospital, Jenny has to work in the male surgical ward. It’s only a temporary assignment for Jenny in the episode, but she is reluctant, hesitant and nervous about being given these new duties.

It doesn’t help much when she has to work under an intimidating surgeon – Anthony Calf as Dr. Aubrey Tracey. Anthony Calf later played Godsend in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Empress of Mars’. 🙂

Dr. Tracey comes across as arrogant and even belittles Jenny in her duties. Mind you, he’s not the only on. When Jenny meets Lucy Robinson as the Matron, she receives the rather disapproving eyes.

But it’s not all that bad. Jenny does make a friend at the hospital – Emerald Fennell as Nurse Patsy Mount. Wait a minute! She wouldn’t be coming back as regular characters in the series, would she?

Anyway, Patsy shares Jenny’s concerns about Dr. Tracey and the fact that no-one’s reported him. Jenny is concerned about Dr. Tracey’s conduct in hospital. He seems to be getting forgetful at times.

This is especially when he misdiagnoses George Rainsford as Jimmy. Oh yeah! He’s a patient when Jenny meets him in the hospital. Jenny is surprised to see as he has been having some bowel trouble.

This episode explores Jimmy and Jenny’s relationship, especially when he’s about to get married to Cassie Compton as Francine. Jimmy doesn’t want to go through with the wedding despite his duty. 😦

It’s clear that Jimmy’s in love with Jenny and he wants her in his life. Jenny is also reluctant to meet up with Jimmy on a Saturday and has to turn him down when she feels she cannot be there for him.

Eventually, Jimmy gets called back into hospital once he’s suffering great pains because of Dr. Tracey’s misdiagnosis. Jenny stands up to Dr. Tracey when they’re about to conduct an operation.

As the emergency appendectomy is performed on Jimmy, Jenny notices that Tracey is making errors. Thankfully Jimmy survives, but Jenny becomes very compelled to report to Dr. Tracey to the Matron.

Thankfully, the Matron got wind of Tracey’s condition and he’s suspended himself from his duties. It’s good that the Matron softens towards Jenny by this point. For the most part, she had been hard.

Jimmy still gets married to Francine by the end of the episode and Jenny watches from afar to see them get married. She wasn’t invited to the wedding. It is clear Jenny’s saddened by Jimmy married.

Elsewhere in Poplar, with Jenny away at a London hospital and Chummy in Africa with PC Noakes, the midwife team receive a new addition to the household. This is Dorothy Atkinson as Jane Sutton!

Jane is a hesitant nursing assistant. She’s nice but rather quiet. I don’t know how much of an impact she’ll make in the series, but it seem that she’s going to be at Nonnatus House for quite a while here.

The midwives also attend to a forthright pair of twins – Meg and Mave Carter, played by Monica Dolan. No, I’m not joking there. Apparently Monica Dolans plays the two women in the actual story.

This is ‘Black Orchid’ double role casting for characters here. The two women are identical in every way, except one sister is pregnant. They even have the same husband – Terence Frisch as Sid Carter.

Both are quite aggressive. Although Meg insists on using herbal remedies whilst Mave insists to have medical care. Meg isn’t very happy when Mave is receiving the medical care she wants at her home.

Helen George as Trixie, Laura Main as Sister Bernadette and Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner help out. They successfully deliver Mave’s baby. Sister Bernadette shares a smoke with Dr. Turner at the end!

Wait, what? Overall, Series 2, Episode 3 is a very dramatic, intriguing episode in ‘Call the Midwife’. I like how Jenny’s story with Jimmy has progressed by this point. I wonder if we’ll see Jimmy again. 😀

‘Series 2, Episode 3’ rating – 8/10

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