‘Call the Midwife’, Series 2, Episode 6 (TV)


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I found this one to be a moving ‘Call the Midwife’ episode. This is especially when it concerns one of the main regulars as well as the story about a pregnant mother who makes up with her dying father.

In the episode, tuberculosis becomes a problem in the Poplar area. It begins to take its toll. Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner is very determined to put a stop to it as he tries to get a mobile screening unit.

He wants Poplar to become involved in the mass X-ray screening programme for TB. He asks Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne to back her up, which she happily obliges. But she gets call on other duties.

Sister Julienne sends Laura Main as Sister Bernadette in her place in order to back up Dr. Turner. There is tension between Sister Bernadette and Dr. Turner, following the previous episode’s events.

Still struggling to fight her feelings for Dr. Turner, Sister Bernadette nevertheless backs him in his impassioned plea for a mobile screening unit to come to Poplar. I liked that scene when I saw it here.

Dr. Turner and Sister Bernadette share similar views to protect the community of Poplar against TB. It’s so clear Dr. Turner appreciates Sister Bernadette’s support, despite their feelings for each other.

Thankfully, the mobile screening unit comes to Poplar and everyone is pleased about it. The performance of the mobile screening unit becomes a success, with most people cleared from the TB.

Unfortunately, Sister Bernadette is among those who have contracted the illness. She’s soon taken the hospital where she gets treated and scanned for the disease. It was pretty moving to watch that.

The scenes where Dr. Turner breaks the news to Sister Bernadette and where she has to be examined are pretty moving. Dr. Turner clearly shows his care and concern over Sister Bernadette. 🙂

I do wonder how this is going to turn out and whether Sister Bernadette will survive the treatment. I hope she will, but in terms of how her relationship with Dr. Turner turns out remains yet to be seen.

Elsewhere, Jessica Raine as Jenny attends to Karl Johnson as former pub landlord Mr. Masterson. I’ve seen Karl Johnson in ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’. He was in ‘Call the Midwife’ before Linda Bassett.

Mr. Masterson is at death’s door and seems to have had an unhappy life. Many years ago, he lost his family to tuberculosis. Only his youngest, estranged daughter – Lisa Diveney as Julia – survived TB. 🙂

Julia moved away once Mr. Masterson lost his wife and children. She hasn’t seen her father in five years. Julia is a troubled person who is unmarried and pregnant. She calls for help once her dad is ill.

There’s bitter resentment between Julia and her father. Jenny tries to persuade Julia to nurse her father whilst he’s ill. Thankfully, the two reconcile once Julia nurses her father during his dying days.

It gets emotional when Mr. Masterson is getting weaker and Julia is about to have her baby. Jenny attends to Julia having her baby whilst Sister Julienne helps to attend Mr. Masterson as he’s dying. 😦

Thankfully, Mr. Masterson lives long enough to see his new grandson before he dies. Julia is very upset once her father’s gone. It was really emotional to watch the subplot end in that particular way.

Julia ends up happy once Mr. Masterson leaves his pub to her in the will. Beforehand, Julia had a typing job somewhere but she gave that up once she agreed to nurse her father in his last moments.

Interestingly, I’ve discovered that Hermione Gulliford plays Mrs. Flynn, Julia’s boss at her typing job in the episode. Hermione Gulliford was Hermione in episodes of Series 5 in ‘Monarch of the Glen’. 🙂

It was amusing to see Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle and Dorothy Atkinson as Jane Sutton trying to get Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan screened for TB. She locked her door, not wanting to not go out. 😀

Sister Bernadette also helped a little girl to overcome her fears of being screened for TB as she went in first to prove it was safe. Despite what happens, Sister Bernadette does have this maternal side. 🙂

Overall, Series 2, Episode 6 has been a pretty movie episode in the ‘Call the Midwife’ series. I wonder how things will turn out for Sister Bernadette and whether she’ll survive the treatment she receives.

‘Series 2, Episode 6’ rating – 8/10

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