‘Call the Midwife’, Series 2, Episode 8 (TV)


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It’s the end of Series 2 of ‘Call the Midwife’! Does this season finale manage to deliver a satisfying conclusion to what happened in Series 2 with emotional drama? I’d like to think so. It’s great drama!

In the episode, Miranda Hart as Chummy and Ben Caplan as PC Noakes prepare to become parents. Chummy is clearly nervous and she wonders whether her midwifery skills will match in being a mother.

Her husband Peter Noakes is supportive and tries to encourage Chummy not to doubt herself. Chummy isn’t convinced. I like Chummy’s anxieties getting addressed and Miranda Hart plays it well.

Meanwhile, Cliff Parisi as Fred receives a visit from his daughter Ella Smith as Dolly. She has a baby boy called Anthony and another baby on the way. Interesting to see that Fred has a daughter in this!

Chummy becomes huge moral support for Dolly when she’s expecting a baby. She notices that something’s up with Dolly. She has her put in hospital for a brief stay while Fred looks after Anthony.

I like how Chummy helps out in delivering Dolly’s baby safely along with Jenny at the hospital. Chummy also shares more connection with Fred when he’s happy to receive Dolly’s new-born girl. 🙂

Once Dolly has her baby though, Chummy is about to go into labour too. But her labour takes a turn for the worse when she gets haemorrhages. That was pretty shocking to see once I saw it in the story.

Chummy gets taken to the hospital along with PC Noakes joining her. It did seem grim when Chummy was put into hospital and perhaps there was no chance of the baby being delivered in this.

I felt for the ‘Call the Midwife’ team who were waiting anxiously to hear news about Chummy’s recovery and the baby being delivered. They knit a blanket and are considered to be Chummy’s family.

Thankfully all is well with the baby delivered and Chummy slowly recovers. I must say, Miranda Hart’s acting is well-done in ‘Call the Midwife’. It must be different when she’s being a comedienne.

Elsewhere, Laura Main as Sister Bernadette comes out of hospital as she faces her own crossroads. She has fully recovered but can’t go on the religious life she was on as she soon renounces her vows.

I like how her story has a happy ending when she decides to begin a new life with Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner. And she’s no longer Sister Bernadette here! She’s Shelagh. And isn’t wearing a habit! 🙂

I liked that scene where Dr. Turner proposes marriage to Shelagh and his son Timothy asks her in a note to be his mummy. I look forward to when Dr. Turner and Shelagh marry each other next time. 🙂

This episode also features the return of George Rainsford as Jimmy. Hmm! I thought we saw the last of him. It’s nice that he and Jessica Raine as Jenny get to reunite. Jimmy has recently had a daughter.

Jimmy is also accompanied by a friend – his handsome colleague Leo Staar as Alec Jesmond. Both Jimmy and Leo have been tasked by the council to survey the buildings in the area. I’ve a bad feeling.

Alec seems quite keen on Jenny and he seems a genuinely nice guy. Jenny is quite nervous of him though but soon an evening at a jazz club gets to see their romance blossom. Sounds very promising!

Jimmy is concerned for Jenny’s happiness and thinks that Alec might be a suitable partner for her. I wonder where that relationship will go in the next Christmas Special and the four episodes Alec is in.

Going back to the demolition issue, I don’t know how that’s going to be resolved in the next series. I hope Nonnatus House will stand for a while. The midwifery team is essential to Poplar’s community.

This episode also happens to be the last one for Dorothy Atkinson as Jane Sutton. Interesting she didn’t get a farewell at the end. I wonder if her absence will be followed up in the Christmas Special.

The story concludes with Dolly’s new-born baby being christened as well as Chummy’s baby. Jenny also goes for a ride with Alec on his motorbike, I think. Alec also fixed the Nonnatus House scooter. 🙂

I like the conclusion to Series 2 of ‘Call the Midwife’. I look forward to how things continue in the series. It’s good there are happy endings for Chummy and Noakes as well as Dr. Turner and Shelagh.

The DVD special features for Series 2 of ‘Call the Midwife’ are as follows. On Disc 3, there’s the documentary ‘Midwifery, Adaptation & Detail’ featuring behind-the-scenes cast and crew interviews. There’s also a trailer for the 2012 Christmas Special and a trailer for the ‘Call the Midwife’ CD album.

‘Series 2, Episode 8’ rating – 8/10

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