‘Call the Midwife’, Series 3, Episode 1 (TV)


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Here we are on Series 3 of ‘Call the Midwife’. In this season, we have new things since the 2013 Christmas Special happened. This includes a new base for the ‘Call the Midwife’ team that’s superior.

As the old Nonnatus House was destroyed in the previous Christmas Special, the midwives have to move into a new home. This is a Nonnatus House that I’ve seen pretty recently during Series 8 and 9.

We also have a new member joining the team – Victoria Yeates as Sister Winifred. She seems a nice enough character so far. I wonder what happened to Jane Sutton since she was not given a farewell.

There’s also the official opening of the new ante-natal and baby clinic in the series which is far superior to the old one in the first two seasons. The old ante-natal and baby clinic was a church hall.

Miranda Hart as Chummy also calls on her royal connections for the official opening of the new ante-natal and baby clinic. This includes a royal visit from Princess Margaret, but we don’t see her face. 😀

Jessica Raine as Jenny also continues to date her boyfriend Alec Jesmond as Leo Staar. I wonder how this relationship will turn out. It seems to be going swimmingly well, but I have a bad feeling about it.

Meanwhile, Jenny continues in her midwife duties as she cares for Gemma Salter as Merle Vickers and her two sickly sons. Jenny gets concerned for Merle and her husband Tommy McDonnell as Billy.

Merle and Billy’s infant boys are permanently ill and even they have doubts about their parenting skills. The two parents are clearly stressed and it’s revealed that Billy’s brother had died as a toddler.

Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan meanwhile seems to be distracted as she does unorthodox things with her book collection by covering them with pages of the Bible. Something that’s very unheard of.

Pam Ferris as Sister Evangelina is even furious with Sister Monica’s actions. But Sister Monica justifies herself with the book collection she has and even she admits having her dithery moments. 😐

It then seems that Sister Monica may have the key to the diagnosis of the mystery illness for the Vickers parents’ sickly boys. She even sees Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner about it once visiting him.

This is when she gets caught in the rain and even Dr. Turner has her sent home to get better. Thankfully, Dr. Turner doesn’t ignore Sister Monica and agrees to the diagnosis that she has made. 🙂

Sister Monica’s solution to the parents’ complaints saves their children’s lives. I like it when Sister Monica has her moment of glory here and that she isn’t reduced to simply sitting in the background.

I also like how it seems to be going well for Dr. Turner in his marriage to Laura Main as Shelagh. Shelagh is currently looking after their son Timothy. I suppose she doesn’t need a working job yet. 🙂

Back with Chummy, she tries to drum up the support for the newly opened but underused ante-natal clinic. Even though she has a royal visit put into the spotlight, she struggles getting the support.

Thankfully, the royal day becomes a success and Chummy even helps an older woman with a difficult birth. Chummy still has her midwifery skills despite now being a housewife and a mother at home. 🙂

Chummy sees Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne to ask to return to work at Nonnatus House. Thankfully Jenny Agutter agrees for Chummy to return, even if it’s for a temporary one-day basis. 😀

I like how Chummy and her husband Ben Caplan as PC Noakes support each other. Peter Noakes cares deeply for Chummy and it was really nice to see Chummy interact with the baby boy she has. 🙂

Incidentally, it was funny at the beginning of the episode where Jenny was offered an iced bun whilst the pregnant mother she was helping to deliver her baby didn’t want it. Jenny accepted that bun. 😀

It was also amusing when Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle and Chummy were encouraging their group of young performers during the royal day whilst the daughter of one mother was not bothered. Funny!

Overall, Series 3, Episode 1 has been a good start to this season of ‘Call the Midwife’. I’m looking forward to how the series continues and what happens next for some of our main characters here. 🙂

‘Series 3, Episode 1’ rating – 8/10

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