‘Call the Midwife’, Series 3, Episode 3 (TV)


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This ‘Call the Midwife’ episode showcases Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne’s interaction with one of her patients. It was so intriguing to see how Sister Julienne closely connects with one of her patients.

In the episode, Sister Julienne and Helen George as Trixie brace themselves as they’re about to go to Holloway prison and stand in for the sick nursing staff. As expected, prison life isn’t that so pleasant.

They’re appalled by the lack of care for the inmates who are expected to work through heavily pregnant conditions. I’m guessing that Holloway Prison is a women-only prison in Poplar in this tale.

I mean, there aren’t any men at this prison as the inmates are all women and the members of staff are women. The staff members are also really neglectful of the health and well-being of the inmates.

I couldn’t help be reminded of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ when watching this episode of ‘Call the Midwife’. It makes me want to write a ‘Doctor Who’ story in a similar ‘Shawshank Redemption’ vein.

Whilst at the prison, there are some unsavoury types like Fiona Skinner as Maureen Williams who seems to like picking a fight with Lacey Turner as Stella Crangle. Stella though is a very sweet person.

Stella becomes fearful that her baby will be taken from her and makes her own arrangements that will help her upon release. She also claims to have a fiancée looking out for her whilst attended to. 😐

Sister Julienne expresses concern for unmarried Stella and she and Trixie support her when they help to deliver her baby. But it seems Stella Crangle lied to Sister Julienne about her own situation. 😦

At first, Sister Julienne might not support Stella as a character witness during a hearing concerning a fight she had with Maureen Williams. Thankfully, Sister Julienne comes round as she supports Stella.

I like that Sister Julienne finds a place for Stella to raise her child by working as a cleaner at a hospital. Sister Julienne’s connection with Stella is sweet, even as she gives her a ‘Peter Pan’ book. 🙂

It’s interesting how Sister Julienne puts her reputation on the line to help Stella as a young inmate whilst prison staff members seem willing to condemn her. It’s a very intriguing side to her character.

Meanwhile, back at Poplar, a glamorous blonde – Hannah Tointon as Kathleen Baker, risks her health and that of her unborn baby when she’s putting on her appearance first to please her husband Stan.

Kathleen doesn’t want to disappoint Daniel Attwell as Stan, as she’s fearful he might not love her anymore once she’s had her baby and she’ll become unattractive. I don’t think she should fear that.

Thankfully, Stan becomes understanding and supportive of his wife at the end. Yeah, he does run away when she has a moment of sickness after her baby is born. But he does truly love her in this. 🙂

Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle also tries to help the nurses celebrate Chummy’s birthday when he sees a bargain for a theatre performance of ‘My Fair Lady’. Sadly, this turns out to be a con trick in the tale.

Thankfully it doesn’t spoil Miranda Hart as Chummy’s birthday as she, Trixie, Jessica Raine as Jenny, Bryony Hannah as Cynthia, Ben Caplan as Noakes and Leo Staar as Alec do get to have a good time. 🙂

Why they even play darts at a pub, which should be fun! 😀 Alec does get a bit forward with Jenny mind when he declares his love for her. Something that Jenny’s not so ready to take in at that point.

Thankfully all is forgiven between Jenny and Alec and they continue to be close friends and have a relationship together. Fred also gets the money back to the nurses and Pam Ferris’ Evangelina helps.

There’s also a subplot for Laura Main as Shelagh when she receives a devastating diagnosis. Apparently the TB she had in Series 2 prevented her from having children and she’s become infertile.

This is sad to hear and a shame that she and Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner can’t have children together. Hopefully they might be able to adopt as I am sure there’s a possibility for that happening.

Series 3, Episode 3 of ‘Call the Midwife’ has been another good episode to watch in the series. I enjoyed Sister Julienne’s character enhancement in the episode and how she connects to an inmate.

‘Series 3, Episode 3’ rating – 8/10

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