‘Call the Midwife’, Series 3, Episode 4 (TV)


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This episode is pretty heartbreaking, especially when Jenny’s life gets turned upside-down in a way I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Jenny when it comes to the next episode.

Before we get into that, we have a subplot featuring Victoria Yeates as Sister Winifred. Now, she’s a character who hasn’t had very much to do since she started in Series 3. Here she gets to shine more.

After witnessing Bryony Hannah as Cynthia delivering a baby for a mother, Sister Winifred confides to her that she’s not feeling committed to midwifery as she hoped. She’d rather do the other things.

Now it’s fair for Sister Winifred to feel like that as she hasn’t had the experience of delivering a baby before and it seems she hasn’t had the chance to do that yet. Well, this story provides that chance. 🙂

You see, in the episode, when Sister Winifred and Cynthia meet Orion Ben as Leah Moss, who is an expectant Jewish mother; they’re very concerned about her since she’s caring a lot for her mother.

Not that Leah’s mum, Beverly Klein as Mrs. Tzirale Rubin, is mean or anything. It’s because Tzirale keeps having fits about the flat. She also hasn’t left her flat in 12 years as she is a holocaust survivor.

It was intriguing to see how Tzirale behaves in this situation, as Leah believes her mum is still traumatised by events that happened in Europe during the Second World War. So understandable! 🙂

But the arrival of Leah’s baby could provide Tzirale the motivation to overcome her fear and allow the family to move out of the flat they’re in. Ilan Goodman as Charlie Moss gets a new job, you see.

When the time comes for Leah to have her baby, Sister Winifred manages to regain her confidence and deliver the baby on her own. It was nice to see Sister Winifred be able to deliver the baby there.

Hopefully there’ll be more room for development with Sister Winifred’s character in the series. She certainly seemed to get a lot of joy out of helping to deliver Leah’s baby in the episode by the end. 🙂

There’s also a subplot for Laura Main as Shelagh who decides to channel her energies into organising the local choir. This is especially when Shelagh’s resigned to the fact that she can’t have any children.

It’s nice to see Shelagh take a stand by running a choir and put her mind off things regarding not being able to have any children. I wonder if Shelagh will have a chance to adopt a child or something.

Anyway, let’s talk about the main plot of the episode. Jessica Raine as Jenny hopes to spend a weekend in Brighton with Leo Staar as Alec Jesmond. Initially, it seems to pretty well for Jenny here.

Both Jenny and Alec are looking forward to spending some time in Brighton and they even dance to some record music. It was so nice to see that as they imagine being Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.

But after a misunderstanding between Jenny and Alec, things take a turn for the worst as Alec gets fatally injured in a fall. This was so shocking to see as Alec, who injures his leg, gets taken to hospital.

Jenny soon hears the news about Alec’s accident and rushes over to meet him. Thankfully, he’s alive enough in order to speak to Jenny as the two reconcile the bitterness that was there between them.

Both Jenny and Alec are looking forward to their trip in Brighton once Alec’s out of hospital. But hours later, Jenny hears the news that Alec’s become terribly sick. She rushes over to see him again.

Sadly when she gets there, Alec is already dead. This is such a blow to Jenny since she can’t understand how he could’ve died so quickly after seeing him seeming all alive and well hours earlier.

It’s so emotional when Jenny and the rest attend Alec’s funeral and Jenny even breaks down into tears about the fact she never got to say goodbye to him. That is a pretty heart-wrenching moment.

The episode concludes with Jenny departing from Nonnatus House with compassionate leave and saying goodbye to her friends and colleagues. It was sad to see Jenny exit like that after Alec’s death.

Series 3, Episode 4 of ‘Call the Midwife’ is a pretty big downer, yet so well-performed by the cast. I’m curious about what will happen next to Jenny and where her journey will take her to in the TV series.

‘Series 3, Episode 4’ rating – 8/10

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